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This review about Isekai Meikyuu from Harem wo contains spoilers. If you have not seen the chapters, we recommend you do so and then come back to read the review.

©2022 蘇我捨恥/主婦の友インフォス・Kadokawa

Isekai Meikyuu of Harem wo – Chapter 4

With the arrival of Roxane, michio asks to change his room in the inn for a larger one, getting a double. Upon entering Michio realizes that it is more spacious and invites Roxane to leave his suitcase on the floor in the meantime. In addition to asking her permission to touch her ears. She is also excited about the new way in which Roxane will call it:love“.

While Roxane unpack your change of clothes, michio He realizes that she was barefoot all the time, so he gives her some sandals. With that in mind, they head off to buy equipment and everything they need for when they go to the maze together. Buying a new wooden shield, a light protection for Roxanenew layers and even change underwear for her.

Back at the inn, michio makes it clear to Roxane that he will not let her sleep on the floor, so they will share a bed when there is only one, in addition to eating together. Taking advantage of the fact that there is still natural light, Roxane he uses his old underwear to maintain the equipment that they will be using in the labyrinth.

In the evening, michio Y Roxane they cleanse each other’s bodies with water, starting with their backs and even helping each other wash their heads. Already at its limit, michio try to take the lead for your first night with Roxaneletting him know that when he wakes up and before going to sleep they will kiss.

Isekai Meikyuu of Harem wo – Chapter 4
©2022 蘇我捨恥/主婦の友インフォス・Kadokawa

“First try”

without a doubt Isekai Meikyuu from Harem wo – Chapter 4 was the episode I expected the most from this anime. Although I do not deny that it was because of the scene of the first time of michio Y Roxane, I was also waiting for it to see how it was adapted and how much censorship it would have. And it became very clear to me that the study passion he knew this was a pivotal moment for adaptation, showing it in the great job they accomplished.

This really was a soft-hentai. And I think she was walking the fine line to take away the ‘soft‘. And this being theHarem Version“, which includes a bit of image censorship. I can’t wait to see the completely uncensored version. Which in turn has the unknown, how much was censorship in the erotic scene in the “Harem Version“?

With an effort that I greatly appreciate, the animation had excellent quality, both in design and in the fluidity of the movements. If they maintain this same quality for the whole season, Isekai Meikyuu from Harem wo will definitely become a jewel of this Summer Season 2022 and of the genres Harem Y ecchi. Although I emphasize once again that I do not think it will become the best anime of the Season.

©2022 蘇我捨恥/主婦の友インフォス・Kadokawa

As for his “TV Version“, which includes image and audio censorship, I also saw it, and I can say that everything I expected to be censored was. In fact, the erotic moment of action between michio Y Roxane was directly “cut off”, being supplanted by an image of the hand of Roxane for just over 30 seconds (the same hand that takes michio in that scene), they cut all the moans, they also censored the tongue kiss and the “wake up” of michio the next morning. But definitely the censorship of the kiss seemed unnecessary to me.

Roxanne’s Confidence

Yes ok Roxane has just become a protagonist, I would like to quickly know more about her past, especially how she ended up as a slave and what she was doing before. So as to know why it seems that her confidence in her abilities in the labyrinth is as big as her “plot”.

Although it has appeared on more than one occasion in previous chapters for her introduction as a slave and the goal of michioThey never mentioned the slightest hint about his past. That is why I would like to know more about her. Although I can’t deny that, being in the same position as michio in Isekai Meikyuu from Harem wo – Chapter 4, it wouldn’t have made things much better.

The lure of Roxane It is a powerful distractor that would not have allowed me to think rationally to begin to know her better. Honestly, I wouldn’t have realized that she was always barefoot either. In fact, trying to remember her previous appearances, I can’t remember if any of them show her feet.

Isekai Meikyuu of Harem wo – Chapter 4
©2022 蘇我捨恥/主婦の友インフォス・Kadokawa

Outside of that, from a third party/bystander point of view, I’d have a lot of questions to ask. “Conversation” that could start from when michio mentions coming from a far away place. I think that was the perfect point for it. I hope to know more about the character of Roxane in the not too distant future, even if his entire past is not shown.

By the way, I loved seeing Roxane choosing the shield and later his cape. Especially this last one, since it raised a question that could change the end of the route in a visual novel. Response that surprised me from michio, since he himself knows that she was carrying one layer for a long time while choosing, but he mentions the other one. Another point that could have generated a conversation that would lead them to get to know each other better. For example michio I will ask Roxane why he chose those two layers in the first place. Although she responded with knowing that one was for the design and the other for the color. I think it was a moment that he was able to help develop the relationship of these characters a little more.

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