In Toluca, car falls into ditch and video hits networks

A car that fell into a ditch in Toluca was captured by C5 cameras. Photo: Screenshot

The exact moment in which the driver of a private vehicle loses control of it and goes into a ditch along with his unit when he was driving on the road to Tlacotepec and Arenal, in Tolucacapital of the State of Mexico.

The video captured by the Center for Control, Command, Communication, Computing and Quality of the State of Mexico (C5), realize how the motorist is driving in the usual way on a small curve where there is a ditch.

Suddenly, the driver of the private car does not seem to turn the steering wheel to take the slight curve and the car is going to end up in a kind of ditch imperceptible by the bushes, in which, apparently, the car falls head-on and flips over with everything and the pilot inside, even the car is lost from sight in the bushes.

Later, you can see the arrival of the emergency services, such as the local police and doctors, to help the driver, who is not seen getting out of the vehicle at any time, after the car fell into the ditch.

So far it is unknown what caused the fall of the car in the ditchif it was due to a mechanical problem, if the driver could have fallen asleep or a medical emergency, but the motorist was no longer seen after the vehicle fell into the ditch.

The Mexican authorities have made continuous calls to the population to avoid driving a vehicle while tired or with the cell phone in hand to avoid this type of road accident, as well as follow directions in road signs, since even a small accident like this could put the safety of passengers in the vehicle at risk.

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