In Monterrey, a courier truck loses control and collides with cars

The delivery truck that would have run out of brakes. Photo: Facebook La Talacha Northeast

Just last week, it finally rained in Monterey and the people celebrated; however, now in social networks transcends the video of a courier truck which ends up causing a shock against several vehicles, presumably in the capital of the state of New Lion.

Courier truck crashed in Monterrey?

According to a video that has been shared, it is noted that a courier truck would have had a strong accident Presumably somewhere in Monterey. Apparently, the mishap would have occurred because the unit would stay no brakeswhich ended up causing the spectacular event.

In the imageswho have become viralit can be seen that everything is captured by a camera of video surveillancewhich is placed in the middle highway; there, you can see that the recording date says 1 of August of 2022with a time of 15:51.

The recording show a asphalt that seems to be wet. Firstly, on the left side, you can see a House yellow with white, which clearly stands out, and on the right side you can see the rest of a streetwhere little by little the courier truck.

It seems that everything would go well, but almost immediately it is seen how the heavy unit is losing controluntil finally he looks to the side and collides with a post (which is located on the corner of the street), then hits hard with a autowhich, according to the videoturns to the side, as if to enter the garage or simply to avoid the shock.

However, everything is inevitable, since due to the speed that the package truckether, supposedly in Montereythe vehicle don’t just bump into him post and a autobut also ends up colliding with other automotive that they were parked.

Due to the brevity of videothe exact area of Monterey in which the incident would have happened, nor is it known if there was any person injured.

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