“I don’t feel good”: Fernando del Solar’s widow appears drowned in tears and without encouragement

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Mexico City.- Last Saturday, July 30, it was 1 month since the sudden death of the beloved Argentine Fernando del Solar and his widow, anna ferro, reappeared before the media for the first time, however, she stated that she did not have the courage to give statements and respectfully asked not to be interviewed. Days before, the fitness instructor had made strong statements against ingrid coronado.

In an exclusive interview for HELLO! Fernando’s wife, whom he married in Cancun weeks before his death, exposed the former member of Garibaldi for having sued the presenter and actor just a few days before his father, Mr. Norberto Cacciamani die Anna explained that although he had no head at all, he took responsibility and delivered the documents requested by the lawsuit.

He had no head at all. Still, he took responsibility for it. I helped him by presenting all the documents that they were asking us for that socioeconomic study that had neither head nor tail, “he explained.

Anna Ferro and Fer del Solar at their wedding

Ferro explained that the former presenter of come the joy He could not come to an agreement with the mother of his children about their tuition fees, since, according to him, their monthly payments cost the same as those of a university. However, he stressed that the Argentine did not leave either of the two children homeless and clarified that for years, Fer left each one a property in her name and that Ingrid received child support from their rent. .

After making these delicate accusations, Del Solar’s widow reappeared at an event in the state of Puebla where the tape was screened the family of former, which is the last film starring the late driver and was recorded 5 years ago. During the posthumous tribute, Anna was captured by the cameras of the program VLA crying for a while and it was impossible to see the images of the Argentine on the screen.

It is a very sensitive moment for me, you have to understand it. I have neither spirit nor desire. I did it with all the love for him, and I thank all of you for being here today, thank you all very much,” he said. drowned in tears.

Anna Ferro broke down in tears during the tribute

At the end of the presentation of the tape, Ferro tried to leave the place immediately to avoid questions from the press, but she was hit by a reporter from come the joy. However, the pilates and yoga teacher did not allow them to approach her because she assures that she is not yet ready to give statements and therefore she asked them to respect her decision not to want to speak at this time:

Nope, I don’t feel well to give an interview right now… please no thank you! thanks for the respect,” she explained.

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