How to avoid premature aging after bichectomy: look beautiful without worrying

Who is it we have a rounder face, we know that our cheeks stand out every time we smileuntil we know the makeup techniques to sharpen the face However, the idea of remove cheeks foreverand it is tempting… Goodbye cheeks! Avoid premature aging if you had a bichectomy: look beautiful without worrying.

What is bichectomy?

The bichectomy is an aesthetic procedure that became popular among the famous for remove cheeks, The objective is slimming the face and highlighting the features which make us look more beautiful. According to a article published by National Library of Medicine, this procedure consists of remove excess buccal fat from Bichatie the cheeks.

Believe it or not, our cheeks are not there to make us look chubby, but their anatomical structure contributes to the aesthetics of the face. Also, facilitates the movement of facial musclesbut it is also true that it can be modified to sharpen the face and highlight our beautiful features.

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The problem with this type of surgery is that not all people are candidates to perform this procedure, because it is only ideal in those who have a excess facial fat or in patients with a round face, especially for avoid a ghastly appearance or sunken cheeks what do they do to us age prematurely.

One of the advantages that ends up convincing many people is that the results are permanent, extract the Bicha bagst, these do not appear again. However, many of us still doubt if it is a good option for say goodbye to daily contouringbecause we are terrified to wear a aged appearance, but you should know that there are no side effects when the bichectomy is well done and you are a candidate to perform it.

Therefore, it is most recommended investigate very well the work of the specialist with whom you are going to do it, who should assess your facial aesthetics, as well as perfectly explain the advantages and disadvantages of the procedure. According to an article published by the Gaúcha journal of Dentistry (RGO), the complications when removing Bichat bags They are not frequent, but the following can occur:



Severe facial nerve injury

Irreversible loss in facial movements

blood vessel injuries

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On the other hand, you might be faced with a inflammation if you do not carry out the indicated diet after the intervention, especially since the incision tends to swell with the friction of food.

How to avoid premature aging if I had a bichectomy?

If you underwent this surgery, but you were not satisfied with the result or you fear delay the effect of premature agingyou should know that even if you eat more to return to have your cheeks back, Once I know removes fat on the cheeks it does not regenerate spontaneously, therefore, the best option is to undergo a lipofilling or facial lipoinjection, as it is also known.

The facial lipoinjection, It’s about a procedure aimed at resolving volume loss to improve the appearance of our beautiful face, by means of the removal of fat from another part of the bodyeither the abdomen or the thighs to place it in strategic areas of the face, for example, on the cheeks after a failed bichectomybut is also used for fill furrows, deep wrinkles or expression lines.

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How is the patient’s own fat, no risk of rejection or allergy Unlike the products of synthetic injection as calcium hydroxyapatite or hyaluronic acid, describes the Otorhinolaryngologica Italica. Although it is a more common procedure for buttock augmentation, in recent years, it has become more popular as anti-aging treatment.

Now you know, if that bichectomy did not go as expecteddon’t worry, you can still do something to avoid the cadaverous appearance, I promise you will look gorgeous with this great option. Just make sure you go to a certified specialist because remember that cheap… sometimes it is more expensive.

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