Goodbye Amaury, the woman with 700 million dollars who would take over Chivas and is not Fuentes

Amaury Vergara would leave the command of Chivas;  a woman with 700 million dollars would take over
Amaury Vergara would leave the command of Chivas; a woman with 700 million dollars would take over

Chivas he returned to a goalless tie at the Akron stadium, being the worst streak in recent tournaments. nor with Marcelo Michel Leano Such a situation had been seen and patience runs out in the rojiblanca fans who demand results.
The technical and sports management has failed throughout the last tournaments, because at the head they have a president who does not care about the team. Amaury Vergara He is in the eye of the hurricane and his position is requested.

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Within the options that Chivas has, yes Amaury Vergara does not want to sell, it is to delegate functions to another shareholder of the Omnilife Group, being his sister Yelena Vergara who takes the reins together with her husband Diego Calderon.

Yelena Vergara (right) with her husband Diego Calderón; shareholders and owners of Omnilife

Would Yelena take over Chivas?

When it comes to administration, the sister of Amaury VergaraYelena has shown that she knows how to make money. According to Forbes, the company Seytu, associated with Omnilife, billed 700 million dollarsall under the management of the Mexican businesswoman.

According to journalist Jesús Hernández, on more than one occasion Yelena Vergara and her husband Diego Calderonthey have managed money so that Chivas solvent payroll, because the team is not generating income.

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