From when I paid a “criminal rent” without knowing it

Chance chooses you, not the criminal. El Cartel de los Bineros only chooses the software that will generate millions of random combinations to guess your credit card details.

I unknowingly paid them a “criminal rent” for half a year.

Bineros comes from bins, a term derived from binary code, the coding system for bank cards. The Condusef identifies them as a community of hackers organized mainly in Facebook groups, where they share tips, sell your data and show off their achievements. They even have their own slang: “Burn” a victim, for example, means to break the bottom of their bank account.

I recently noticed a charge for $289 with this reference: ACNT*CARGOSERV CUAUTITLAN IZ MX. Sure, I thought, it must be some payment from Spotify, HBO, Netflix, Storytel, Amazon Prime or Chula Cocina Creativa (there are great recipes). I almost let it go, but I better call the bank.

A very friendly lady from Banorte explained it to me. It was a monthly direct debit charge for half a year, and which she described to me as a “consulting or public relations service”.

He informed me that these charges were very common lately. Small and recurring amounts that in the long term and multiplied by thousands surely give criminals a good profit.

In a world of digital services and payments, thieves bet on distraction. Apparently it is so common that I made my claim for “unrecognized charge” and the resolution was instantly favorable with the only thing that they canceled my plastic.

I decided to write this column because last week I noticed another strange charge for $311. Now it appeared as: FNCIA*LOAD SERV INFRAC METEPEC EN MX. Don’t fuck with me, I thought serenely, I’ve never been to Metepec.

Telephone, Customer Service and same procedure. Once again it was a domiciled charge, fortunately the first. They warned me that if my complaint did not proceed (and it turned out that I had been to Metepec, they fined me and I had simply forgotten it) they would charge me 200 pesos plus VAT for improper claim.

Same result: they gave me an instant bonus and again I was left without plastic (Banorte solved it efficiently, but each bank has its own policies; I know of others like López Portillo who defend each peso).

That is why one must be attentive to their bank movements, download the digital application and request notifications by mail or SMS for each charge made.

This form of online fraud or fraud is called carding, and it has many little brothers: smishing (the classic click here message because you won a car); vishing (hello, we are calling you from your bank to verify your PIN); smishing (simulating an online page) and pharming (stealing sensitive data when you make an online payment). They all form a huge family with new more sophisticated members every day. The Smashing Pumpkins don’t fall into this category yet.


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