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During this riddle, which only lasts 15 seconds, you must think and analyze the clues listed below very well, since you must not only find out who committed a terrible crime but also who was the victim. It seems to be a complicated mission, but it is an excellent opportunity to make it clear that you have a true detective inside you.

You’ll have to act like Sherlock Holmes to find the criminal who is hidden among the 5 men in the illustration, which was created by the platform cool guru. All we know is that the victim he lost his life yesterdayso you must find the culprit quickly and thus prevent him from continuing his misdeeds.

To solve this case, you have 6 clues so quickly examine and discard.

  1. Dan; The boy in the orange shirt ran in yesterday’s marathon alongside one of the innocent men.
  2. Mike; the man in the blue shirt, was a farmer before he moved to the city.
  3. Jeff; the young man in a suit is a computer consultant who will help Ben install a new computer next week, as they have been building computers together lately.
  4. Ben; the man in the lime green shirt, it is 6 months since he met Jack.
  5. Jack; The adult in the green shirt has remained in isolation and is the criminal’s brother.
  6. The offender is missing a leg.

Prepare your watch and in just 15 seconds Find the culprit and the victim.

Your mission starts now!

Photo: cool guru.

Now, if all those clues have completely scrambled your ideas and you can’t come to a conclusion, don’t rush, we’ll help you like the good Watson.

There is no way Dan (the marathon runner) is involved in this event.”

Go back to the previous image or know the solution to this detective game.


This evidence was discarded, as the clues indicated, the criminal did not have a leg and the victim lost his life yesterday, therefore Dan who ran the marathon yesterday was ruled out.

Jack He has remained isolated, therefore he is still safe and has not had contact with anyone.

Ben He has plans to install a new computer, that is, he is still alive, but he cannot be the culprit since he is not Jack’s brother because they met 6 months ago.

Therefore, it only remains Mike Y JeffOf these two, the only one who has plans for the future is Jeff, because next week he will help Ben install a new computer, so he is still alive.

Response; Jeff ended Mike’s life.

Photo: cool guru.

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