AMLO’s morning, August 2, minute by minute

09:22- The conference ends.

09:22- He informs that he will receive Katya Echazarreta, the first Mexican to travel to space.

09:19- “I do not consider what President Biden has told me on several occasions to be false or discursive, that our relationship is going to be given with respect to our sovereignty, with an equal footing,” López Obrador advances about the letter that he sends him this Tuesday to the US president.

09:16- López Obrador announces that today he is sending a letter to the president Joe Bidenbefore “the difference” by the interpretation of the USMCA about energy.
“Mexico is not for sale, Mexico belongs to the Mexicans, to our generation and to those who are coming, that is priceless, there is no deal that is worth it,” says the President after announcing a letter that he will send to Biden about “the difference” on energy in the T-MEC.

09:12- The President highlights greater integration with the US and Canada with the T-MEC.
It is a very consolidated relationship, the only thing we are looking for is that our sovereignty be respected, that this integration does not mean submission, he adds. I maintain that blessed Mexico, so close to God and not so far from the United States, he expresses himself before the “difference” for the interpretation of the T-MEC on energy.

09:08- I do not consider it an option for Mexico to join the BRICSsays López Obrador, highlighting the good relationship with the US and Canada. We are in an optimal place in the world economy, he says.

09:06- Rogelio Ramírez de la O says that the López Obrador administration has already lowered VAT on the northern border, lowered ISR as well as the price of fuel. He highlights a “great effort” in the budget to “not make changes in tax rates.”

09:02- Zoé Robledo assures that the prescriptions are filled at the IMSS, but given the refusal not to fill, they look for what happened in the process. She assures that they seek to improve the treatment of right holders.

08:59- He refers that in conservatism there is hypocrisy and many remain silent: Between Gilberto Lozano Y Claudio X. GonzalezI stay with Lozano because he talks and the other stays devious.

08:57- Discrimination and racism still prevail, and when there is a process like the one we are experiencing, everything that was there comes to the fore; discrimination, racism, classism, says when making reference that the best legacy is the revolution of consciences.

08:54- He talks about the abolition of the slavery in Mexico.


08:52- Remember a text Gadton Garcia Cantu.

08:50- He says that when he retires he will be entertained writing a book about the conservative thinking: “The theme is great.”

08:46- López Obrador repeats his plans for when he leaves the Presidency: Now that I retire in 2024, I will no longer participate in politics or talk about politics or attend any event, not even academic, and I am going to cancel my Twitter, the Face, completely; I’m not even going to talk about politics with my children.
I am going to dedicate myself to taking care of my health, to walking, to doing a little exercise, to taking care of the trees, to enjoying the song of the birds and to writing with discipline, says López Obrador about his retirement in 2024.

08:42- López Obrador mentions “fachos, retrogrades, reactionaries, preserves” as synonyms to refer to “conservatives” when he had to characterize his opponents, “those who are defending that nothing changes or who are aspirational, selfish, corrupt, hypocritical (… .) I can no longer say mafia of power”.

08:40- López Obrador insists that Sedatu deal with the recovery of land in Baja California, in the face of complaints.

08:35- We are going to seek that there is no corruption in the management of water throughout the country, says President López Obrador, accusing that “for years that was tolerated.”

08:30- López Obrador instructs the Secretary of Security, Rosa Icela Rodriguezto review the case of the morning attendant who showed up, identified as Ana Dora Cabrera Vazquez .


08:27- An assistant in the morning shows a message to President López Obrador, who asks him to wait for him to speak. The morning assistant says that he comes from San Luis Potosi and accuses the reporter Omar Child to be his attacker.

08:23- It calls for there to be no corruption or impunity or violation of human rights. He emphasizes that with the US there must be respect for sovereignties because “before they entered Mexico when they wanted.” remember the fast and furious operation and assures that other countries “also fail” in “intelligent and brilliant” plans.

08:18- “For a facho, who wants to solve everything with the use of force, attending to the causes seems inappropriate”, declares the President. It calls for strengthening values ​​and that the model of life is not “he who does not compromise does not advance or succeed at the cost of everything and does not have to have money whatever and brand-name clothing and the latest model car, and jewelry, cheap luxuries ”. He says that the greatest wealth of the people of Mexico is their honesty.

08:17- The important thing is to attend to the causes, that there is well-being of the soul, not turning your back on young people, nothing ninis, he expresses when highlighting social programs such as Youth Building the Future.

08:14- There should be no differences or haggling over cooperation with the US, says López Obrador about the fight against drug trafficking. He recalls the decision to hand over port surveillance to the Armed Forces.

08:12– There should be no impunity for anyone, neither for my children nor for my friends, zero corruption, he declares.

08:11- I don’t mess with the wives or children of my adversaries; I have never criticized the fact that she was the wife of Peña Nieto or Calderón’s wife or Fox’s wife, says López Obrador about Angelica Rivera, Margaret Zavala Y Marta Sahagun.


08:08- López Obrador says he was the victim of “a launch” against him by the media when he was seeking the Presidency and accuses that the magazine Proceso did not support him.

08:06- points to the Process magazine to publish information against you. The town is the one that has supported me, he says.

08:04- The President maintains the commitment to investigate former presidents “because we are not accomplices, that is what our adversaries would like, we do not establish relationships of complicity with anyone.” López Obrador reproaches that he suffered “from the potentates” and accuses again that in 2006 the Presidency was stolen from him: “Krauze called me the tropical messiah.”

08:02- It is justice to stigmatize the corrupt, mentions the President. He assures that before they used to set an example to those who became rich overnight.

08:00- “We have not stopped any complaint, we have sent all of them to the Prosecutor’s Office,” says López Obrador after being questioned about the accusations against former presidents of Mexico, such as that of Peña Nieto and banking movements.

07:57- Since I took office as president of Mexico, I said that revenge was not my forte and that we were going to start a new stage without corruption and if the people wanted it, the former presidents were going to be investigated, he says. Highlights citizen consultations.

07:53- In 500 years, Mexico had not been looted as much as it was looted in the neoliberal period and most of the media remained silent, and so did the organic intellectuals, that is why our movement triumphed because we made it clear that the main problem of Mexico It was corruption and we are cutting it off, he declares.

07:48- López Obrador assures that he has presented evidence of the “looting” that took place in the neoliberal period: “Not the theft of the century, but the theft of at least five centuries.” He talks about treasure of Moctezuma and the soldiers of Cortés.

07:47- When asking Leonel Cotra Montaño about the corruption investigations in Segalmex, López Obrador intervenes and says that there are already alleged culprits and action is being taken: “There is no impunity and those responsible will be punished.”

07:44- “Our economy is growing, not so in other countries,” declares President López Obrador.

07:42- The President says that the anti-inflationary measures are not applied by the neoliberals, because they demonized the subsidy and they don’t care about defending the popular economy. We Mexicans are already at the forefront setting an example; even if it doesn’t seem like it, inflation in mexico It is less than in the US and Europe and our peso is strong, it has not been devalued and it has resisted, he says.

07:38- López Obrador to the people of Mexico: With the measures we are carrying out, we guarantee that there is control over price increases; Fortunately, we made decisions on time and it was wise to allocate a subsidy so that gasoline prices did not increase. He accuses that in the administration of Enrique Pena Nieto there was gasoline.

07:37- The head of Segalmex announces to President López Obrador “the increase in the price of the milk guarantee.”


07:34- Leonel Cota Montañotitle of Segalmex, guarantees the supply of corn in Liconsa stores “because without corn there is no country”, in addition to beans. The purchase of powdered milk from the US stands out.


07:31- When presenting the “who’s who” of the Profeco/PACIC Basket, Richard Sheffield says that the most expensive is HEB, followed by Comer, Soriana and Walmart.


07:30– The director of Pemex highlights the evolution in the production of fertilizers.

07:22- Oropeza mentions an advance of 73% in fertilizer shipments.


07:26- Octavio Romero Oropezadirector of Pemexhighlights the fertilizer program and accuses that in 1992 the plants were privatized, but in 2020, in López Obrador’s six-year term, the plant Agronitrogenated “reproduce”

07:25- The Secretary of Agriculture mentions an increase in the production of grains, such as corn, in addition to the fact that the production of organic fertilizers is planned.


07:23- Villalobos highlights the program of Fertilizers for Wellness. Guerrero and Morelos are already 100% covered, he mentions. It indicates agreements with the United States.


07:20- Victor Manuel VillalobosSecretary of Agriculture, highlights the production projections for this year, of products related to the basic basket.

07:18- We are seeing good results with the anti-inflationary plan, says Ramírez de la O.

07:16- Inflation in Mexico is lower than that of the US and other countries, says the Secretary of the Treasury before López Obrador.


07:14- Rogelio Ramírez de la OSecretary of the Treasury, points out that the package “against inflation and famine”, signed with companies, “so far has performed well because the basic basket has stabilized”.

07:13- We are making good progress in vaccinating boys and girls ages 5 to 11, he says. She highlights donations of vaccines from Korea.


07:11- Hugo López-GatellUndersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion,
reports a “reducing trend” of the coronavirus pandemic Covid-19 in the fifth wave, in addition to a reduction in hospitalizations and mortality. Vaccination against coronavirus stands out. We are expected to reach positive levels in this fifth wave, he mentions.

07:05- Zoé Robledo highlights advances in equipping hospitals in Nayarit, Colima and Sonora.


07:02- Zoe Robledodirector of IMSSinvites medical specialists to join the health sector in different entities of the country: “We need them more in hospitals that are in remote municipalities.”

07:02- Jorge Alcocer, Secretary of Health, makes a presentation of what will be discussed on the subject of health.

06:59- President’s conference begins Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. Information will be given on health and what is being done to face the famine with the anti-inflation plan “so that the popular economy is not affected.”

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