Amazon UK would have leaked details of AEW Fight Forever

Since its official announcement in November 2020, AEW Fight Forever It has garnered great expectation among fans of wrestling and video games. The development by Yuke’s and AEW Games has been very slow, with brief advances coming to light sporadically and material from interviews with those involved in development.

In the last hours, the distributor THQ Nordiq added to the Amazon store in the United Kingdom the different versions that this title will have on PC and Consoles. It is thanks to the online shopping store that new content details revealed which will include Fight Forever, as well as the official premise of the game.

“AEW: Fight Forever combines the feeling of an arcade fighting game with the offensive and innovative movements of All Elite Wrestling”, reads part of the main description that can be read on Amazon. Other details include confirmation of a cooperative multiplayer mode and the focus on team battles, which would have an unprecedented system of movements to be carried out between two players.

On the other hand, they also highlight combat types that can be carried out in the game. In addition to the already classic individual, team, triple threat and without disqualification, the possibility of play a Casino Ladder Match or an Exploding Barbed Wire Death Match. The latter marks his return to the gaming world from the old ECW titles for the classic PlayStation.

All Elite Wrestling: Fight Forever still does not have an official release date, although Kenny Omega has already anticipated in several interviews that 2022 is considered as the limit to present the project. Amazon cites December 31, 2022 as the initial launch date for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, XBOX Series X and Nintendo Switch. More news about the video game is expected from AEW in the coming weeks.

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