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SAN PEDRO EL SAUCITO.- After the news was published that two men were accused of committing abuse against a 12 year old girl in San Pedro El Saucito and that the relatives of the minor had not heard from her for three days, it was reported that the Office for the Protection of Children and Adolescents of the DIF Sonora System was alerted, to give attention and follow up on the case. of the victim and her family.

According to information released by the local authority last Sunday at 10:00 p.m., municipal agents arrested Ramon Eleazar “N”21 years old, already Ivan Rodrigo “N”42 years old, for the crime of sexual abuse against a minor.

The arrest occurred when the troops carried out a surveillance tour along the highway to San Pedro El Saucito and a young man approached to report that two men were assaulting a girl.

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They touched the girl inside a vehicle

The reporter specified that the two men they touched her private parts to the minor, 12 years old, inside a parked vehicle on the road to Ures and Roberto Ramírez street, the bulletin specifies.

The statement adds that the policemen went to the site and saw that the men were inside the vehicle and with the girl in their midst.

According to the report, the agents arrested the criminals and at that time the mother of the minor arrived who told the soldiers that the infant left her house in Zamora Station three days ago and they didn’t know anything about her.

Ramón Eleazar “N” and Iván Rodrigo “N” were placed at the disposal of the authority investigator.

A call to the population and parents

Likewise, the population was asked to be very alert to these types of cases that are usually unfortunately common, encouraging people who may know or be witnesses of similar situations to communicate with the authorities.

Similarly, emphasis was placed on call to parents to be aware of their sons and daughters, as well as the people around them who might be committing dishonest abuse against their little ones.

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