This is how “Black” Araiza welcomed his daughter Camila’s girlfriend

Raul Araiza She is clear about her thoughts towards her daughter Camila, who last week publicly revealed herself as a member of the LGBTQ+ community and girlfriend of a model: “she has always been very brave”.

“Camila has always wanted to live her life as she wanted. We love each other deeply, I admire her for being brave, she has always been very brave in her way of thinking,” said the driver during a meeting with the press.

Last Sunday, one day after the pride paradeCamila, a 25-year-old photographer, took to her social networks to talk about her sexual orientation, adding a series of photographs next to her partner, the model Camila Solórzano.

“I’m not afraid to be me anymore,” said Araiza’s daughter.

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Now the host of Hoy and an actor in telenovelas such as Cadenas de amargura, says that he has always supported his daughters and encouraged them to live happily.

“There are parents who are very harsh with this situation, I do think they should reflect if they want to meet their expectations or want their children to be happy,” he said.

“Adults must break with those molds with which we were educated. I have been very traditional in everything, but I love the community deeply, I have great friends and great experiences, something very important is done to me, not because my daughter has decided to open, but anyone,” said Araiza.

“El Negro” assured that together with his ex-partner Fernanda, Camila’s mother, they have made their support for the young woman clear.

She recalled that before last weekend, her daughter had revealed her orientation to them, receiving as a response that when she was ready, she would say it publicly.
And he commented that they have already spoken with Camila’s girlfriend, whom he considers a tipaza.

“I told him: you’ve already gained another father and another family. Fernanda and I say (to her daughter) ‘take good care of her, because this one is worth it, not like your exes,'” she narrates.

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