They assure that Christian Nodal will retire to spend more time with his girlfriend Cazzu

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It seems that Christian Nodal does not leave the controversy and once again several rumors began to emerge that would point to the 23-year-old singer will retire supposedly to spend more time with his girlfriend Cazzu.

It seems that Nodal’s relationship with the Argentine rapper Cazzu he is serious and is seriously thinking about retiring, something he did not do with Belinda, they revealed in “Gossip No Like“.

This would also be because Nodal intends to do a detox and now that he’s back, he no longer looks like the crazy guy from the center, but a new man.

Nodal retires and they reveal the reasons

It should be noted that Christian Nodal is at the peak of his musical career but apparently he needs a break because since he broke up with Belinda, it does not stop being the feast of all the tables.

What if because of his tattooed face, the fights he invents in his head with other artists who don’t even come across him like badbunny, or even for his relationship with Cazzu, it seems that Nodal has had enough and will leave for a little while.

Recently we were able to see a video of Nodal during a concert in which he broke down and cried in the middle of the concert assuring that he was treated like the worst human beingalthough according to him he is like any of us.

So it seems that, at 23 years old, Nodal is going to take a momentary break as revealed in “Gossip No Like” although without tension music because right now they are not around or Elisa Beristain and Javier Ceriani.

He decides to take it as a vacation. He is going away for a month and I think he will do very well with his girlfriend, this Cazzu girl. And I think she will do well. That she does a lot of yoga, a lot of meditation and that she cleans herself of all these things that are happening to her because she has a life ahead of her, “he explained. Anais Salazardriver who replaces the headlines of “Gossip No Like”.

And yes, it seems that Nodal could not stand the criticism because they achieved it, they destroyed it, but good for him, let him give himself that well-deserved rest to see how he returns.

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