The video that denies the defense of Jesús “N” for the femicide of Yrma Lydya

A video made known by the journalist Azucena Uresti in Milenio Televisión denies the version of the defense of Jesus “N“Regarding the fact that extortionists entered the Suntory restaurant, in the Del Valle neighborhood, to assassinate the singer Yrma Lydia Gamboa.

In the video you see the escorts of Jesus “N” in the street, talking and one of them is observed entering the restaurant to see his boss and hand him the gun.

defense of Jesus “N” claims that an extortionist shot the singer three times on the back, never on the head; while the prosecution He affirms that one of the shots against the singer was lodged in the head.

#AzucenaALas10 | We had access to the two videos presented by the prosecution from the #CMDX at the hearing in the case of Yrma Lydyawhich shows how an escort delivers the gun Jesus “N” with which he would have murdered his wife in the Suntory restaurant.

There was no other shooter, he says prosecution; strip defense version of Jesus “N”

there was never another shooter. Premeditation, treachery and advantage: with aggravating circumstances, the lawyer Jesus “N” perpetrated the femicide of his wife, the singer Yrma Lydyain the restaurant Suntoryaccording to the theory of the case of the prosecution General of Justice of Mexico City.

The institution deny the version of the defendant’s defense, which maintains that another person – who was with both of them – shot the young woman on the night of June 23.

According to the evidence presented to the judge by the FGJ, his escort, Benjamin “N”was the one who gave him the weapon used in the crime.

The investigation indicates that after discussing with Yrma Lydyapossibly Jesus “N” He asked his bodyguard to go and ask another bodyguard who was outside the Suntory to put it in a small backpack.

This would be the co-participation of Benjamín “N” in the femicideby providing the weapon to his boss.

Jesús “N” was arrested on June 23 by the femicide of Yrma Lydya. (Photo: SSC)

According to the ballistics reports, the firearm used is a 5.7 by 28-millimeter semi-automatic squad, considered high-powered and highly accurate, superior to the 9-millimeter and 45-caliber gun.

It is Belgian-made and is known as “five seven”; It has been used in armed conflicts such as the War of Afghanistanthe civil war in Libya and also for drug cartels.

Officials consulted said that analysis of the trajectory of the bullet impactsvictim-perpetrator position, as well as the injuries caused by three projectiles in the body of Yrma Lydyaallowed to establish the probable responsibility of the 79-year-old lawyer in the homicide.

According to the investigation of the FGJit was not possible to perform the expert examination of sodium rhorizonate on the suspect to find traces of gunpowder on his hands or arms, as well as on other parts of the body and clothing -product of the deflagration of the weapon-, due to his refusal to allow the they will carry out

Benjamín “N”, escort and driver of Jesús “N” was also linked to the process for his alleged participation in the crime. (Photo: SSC)

Experts preferred not to ask the control judge for an order to apply said test, due to the time elapsed and the possibility of an alteration that would give negative results.

Among the tests of prosecution there is the statement of a waiter of the Suntorywho said the lawyer argued heatedly with Yrma Lydya in the presence of his escort Benjamín “N”.

Diners also witnessed the altercation, because the booth’s shutter was open.

officials of the FGJ indicated that the videos held by the Public Ministry and the defense never show the presence of a third person that, according to the lawyers of Jesus “N”He was the one who fired the shots.

The pistol was recovered during an investigation carried out at the residence of the third party involvedthe other escort still at large, with the consent of his relatives.


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