“The route to save the PRI is for ‘Alito’ to resign”

Engaged in a direct confrontation with the president of the PRI, Alejandro Moreno Cárdenas, the coordinator of that party in the Senate, Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong, argues the reasons for demanding the resignation of the PRI leader and stresses that his permanence in the National Executive Committee is untenable.

In an interview with EL UNIVERSAL, the former Secretary of the Interior accuses Moreno Cárdenas of concentrating all power, not listening to different voices and leading the PRI to defeat after defeat, even deceiving governors and former governors, who gave him their support to reach the national leadership.

Osorio Chong regrets that there is no sensitivity or openness on the part of the president of the party, and on the contrary, “there is absolute closure”, for which he warns that “I am not going to shut up or remain crossed my arms.”

He points out that although the statutes support Alito Moreno, he would have to step aside to face the accusations of corruption that have been made against him since Campeche, a situation with which, with each passing day, the PRI is dragged into disrepute.

What is your diagnosis of the situation experienced by the PRI?

—We lost practically all the governorships, except Durango. We are left with no room for power in the entities. At the municipal presidency level, we have lost almost 300 and many spaces in local legislatures. It is the result of two years of leadership in the PRI, and what I say, leadership is seen not from having the appointment, but from the results. And the results are pretty bad.

Beyond that 18% that continues bragging and bragging, but no longer governing territory, then we have to rethink, because we can lower that 18% since we are no longer governing the states. It is an immediate logic that I think you do not want to see, and you are presented with graphs with nice numbers.

Our reality is that 18% can go down if we don’t do something right away. And what we find as a response is exclusion, it is authoritarianism, it is making unilateral decisions, centralists and their acquaintances, with the exception of outstanding people, with careers.

What it does is modify the statutes to make a concentration of decision-making, and that’s not how my party was born. Now that we have been making this attempt to take over the party for two years, we say the same thing, modifications must be made, the party must be democratized. And if Alito doesn’t want to, I won’t have to remain silent or with my arms crossed.

What led the PRI to this disastrous situation?

“Why have we lost spaces?” Because there was no dialogue. Because decisions have been surrounded by lies, by non-inclusion, that is what leads any political party to defeat. Beyond the fact that the conditions are bad, complex, the reality is that now those who want, those who accommodate, are threatened, and something important: whoever does not agree is expelled.

Where is the membership? Why isn’t he in the streets protesting against the leadership after the PRI’s electoral defeats?

—Because that’s not how the PRI is. The PRI is not a party that is driven by protest, but there is real anger. Many people in the states that have called me have expressed their support for what I say. Not me, the endorsement of the action we have taken. And let me somehow represent them, because it is not easy to be heard. You have already seen statements by governors in the entities, steering committees.

I would not call for radical action, I am not like that. I wish Alito had the same reason or behavior and saw that he no longer has any leadership and no real representation within the militancy of my political institute.

What do you consider to be the route for the recomposition of the party and for the ship not to continue sinking?

—The route is a self-criticism of Alito and leaving the game. He is not going to do it, he did not even receive us because he does not like to be told the realities.

The route is legal, ask for early elections. He’s not going to want to do it either because it’s a lie that he says he’s leaving in 2023. Name! He wants to stay for three more months and then stay until 2024. And if he looks for a spot a little bit, he’s going to want to be re-elected.

That’s Alito, the real Alito. The one who lies, the one who in front of the former presidents of the party said —in order to resolve the issue— “whatever you want, yes to everything”, and 10 days later: “No, go to the Political Council and raise your issues”.

He told us yes to everything; please highlight it. He said yes to everything and 10 days later he doesn’t even see us anymore. And he says that he has seen some former presidents in particular. That was not the approach.

Since he took over the leadership there have been lies and lies; promises, spaces that do not belong to him to decide or give. Today he has already compromised the party for the 2024 election and it is not his turn. I do want to say this to the militants. It is not up to him to be committing, nor should he, spaces for 2024.

Why did the president of the PRI come to that?

—That he also remember, because it seems that he has already forgotten, that there was support from PRI governors, that there was a meeting in which several governors supported him, that by the way, later he forgot the support and the commitment he made with them. But he forgot that he received real, important support from a good number of governors.

So, just like “I arrived alone”, no. It’s one lie after another lie. He says that it strengthens the party and leaves it alone in Quintana Roo and Oaxaca. They are inconsistencies of these lies that believe that we are all going to continue endorsing and supporting him and the truth is that we are not. The reality is that there are those who say, we are going to point out what you are saying, that it is a lie, that we know you. You came, yes, for a democratic election, and we want another democratic election to be held.

In this situation that the PRI is experiencing, do the accusations made to its leader from Campeche with the revelation of audios influence?

—It’s another issue that worries me, the discredit it’s leading to my party. It’s a personal matter that you should attend to. And he said it in his speeches: “If any PRI has something and they point something out to him, let him go and confront him and answer him.” Well, set the example. He would have to leave the leadership to face those accusations, which are very strong. Confront them and not shield yourself or believe that the party you are dragging into this discredit is a protective shield.

Would you be willing to lead a new era in the party?

—I am willing to generate the unity that the party requires for this new era. I’m not thinking about how I take ownership, as Alito is doing, of the game. I am thinking of recovering the party for the militancy and that is based on agreements and unity.

Would you be willing to meet with the leader as some former presidents have already done, separately?

—No, because I don’t want agreements in the dark and I don’t want him to take them out later. I want an agreement for the match, not for Miguel Osorio.

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