Preventive medicine is promoted in Coatzacoalcos students

A total of 422 students from the Cuauhtémoc primary school in the Ciudad Olmeca subdivision have benefited from health prevention and promotion actions promoted by the Coatzacoalcos City Council, chaired by Amado Cruz Malpica, in vulnerable sectors.

These activities, which are based on the Primary Health Care (PHC) program, are coordinated by the Municipal Public Health Directorate, in charge of Javier Reyes Muñoz, which have also been implemented in the Gloria Corrales Viuda de Osorio primary schools. and Fertimex.

Thus, the Director Javier Reyes, stated that, since June, at the request of the director of Cuauhtémoc, María del Carmen Calvario Elvira, he has come to the campus with the areas of dentistry, psychology, nutrition and health promotion, to promote the medicine, with an advance of 80%.

“Following the instructions of President Amado Cruz and the President of the DIF, Esther Mortera Zetina, we seek to achieve development, academic performance and good coexistence among students, since we are sure that they are the main agents of change,” he said.

Dr. Reyes Muñoz stated that they have been working only with the morning shift that has 422 students; Likewise, he highlighted the participation of the director and teachers, who help to involve parents: “It is what we want the Government and society to come together to give good results.”

“To date, the dentistry area has finished serving the 422 students to whom fluoride was applied, they were given talks on brushing technique, flossing and how to prevent some diseases such as gingivitis,” he explained.

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Regarding the psychology talks, he said, great progress is being made with fifth and sixth grade students who have been given the talk “Recognizing your body, a responsible sexuality”; while nutrition has lectured them “Less Stereotypes, More Healthy Eating”.

Also, health promotion conferences have been held with the “Clean Yard and Larval Control” program, to avoid vector-borne diseases (Dengue, Zika or Chikungunya), which were replicated among the settlers who live in the surroundings of the farm. school.

“The promotion area is working with the vector area, trying to make it a school that can be certified by the Sanitary Jurisdiction as a space free of breeding sites, since we seek to make it a worthy school in the sense of public health,” he concluded.

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