North Korea suggests that balloons launched from South Korea carried Covid-19

seoul.- North Korea suggested this Friday that his covid-19 outbreak began in people who had contact with balloons coming from South Korea, a highly questionable claim that appeared to be an attempt to hold his rival accountable amid rising tensions over his nuclear program.

For years, activists have flown balloons across the border to distribute hundreds of thousands of propaganda leaflets critical of the North Korean leader. Kim Jong Unand North Korea has often expressed anger at activists and South Korean authorities for failing to stop them.

World health authorities point out that the coronavirus is spread by people in close contact who inhale small droplets that travel in the air and is more likely to occur in closed and poorly ventilated spaces than outdoors. The South Korean Unification Ministry indicated that there was no possibility that the South Korean balloons have spread the virus to North Korea.

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Ties between the two Koreas remain strained amid a prolonged deadlock in US-led diplomacy to persuade North Korea to abandon its nuclear ambitions in exchange for economic and political gains. South Korean and US officials have recently claimed that North Korea is ready for its first nuclear test in five years amid its torrid series of weapons tests this year.

The state media report said North Korea’s epidemic prevention center had found clusters of infection in Ipho city, near its southeastern border with South Korea, and some Ipho residents with fevers traveled to Pyongyang. . The center added that an 18-year-old soldier and a 5-year-old boy had contact with “foreign things” in the city in early April and later tested positive for the virus. omicron variant.

In what it called “an emergency instruction,” the epidemic prevention center ordered authorities to “keep an eye out for foreign things arriving by wind and other weather phenomena and balloons” along the inter-Korean border and track its origins to the end. He also stressed that anyone who finds “foreign things” should notify authorities immediately so they can be removed.

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