How to be a good ‘spotter’ with your gym friends

    Asking for help in the gym to pull on more kilos in the bench press or correct the technique of your lateral raises for shoulders is recommended. But… how do we do to be a good spotter and not disturb who is doing the exercise in question? Because it is about helping and monitoring, not disturbing and interfering.

    The word spotting comes from the word “spotter”, which translates into Spanish as “observer” and this is one of the most important points to keep in mind: help without intervening excessively; observe, monitor and accompany the movement of the other, intervening only when the athlete in question cannot handle the weight. The company of a good spotter will make you beat your records in the gym, and professional bodybuilders always have one. Franco Columbu, in addition to being a good friend, was the spotter favorite of Arnold Schwarzenegger, and vice versa, they always trained together!

    If you want to be a good ‘spotter’, follow these tips

    1- The spotter he should only intervene and touch the athlete for safety reasons and, if anything, correct his technique. If, for example, you are pulling with a bench press, gently push the bar when the bodybuilder is already close to muscular failure and cannot go any further. Don’t worry, you’ll know when your partner can’t take it anymore… he’ll let you know if necessary!

    2- You need to know the training of the person you are helping, know the number of repetitions, the number of series and the exercises that they usually perform.

    3- When the weights pass close to the face, as is the case with the bench press, we must be especially vigilant.

    4- In pull-ups push gently from the hips or legs, and in squats get behind to help return the bar to the support.

    5- Messages of encouragement or encouragement are well received, but without going too far. Do not scream!

    6- And, of course, don’t check your mobile or get lost talking when you’re working as spotter.

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