Bodyguards entered the weapon with which they murdered Yrma Lydya | VIDEO

Mexico City /

In a new video obtained by MILLENNIUM and presented in the Azucena Uresti newscast, the moment in which the escorts of Jesús ‘N’ would have entered the pistol with which the lawyer allegedly shot Yrma Lydya in the Suntory restaurant in Mexico City is observed.

The bodyguards would have carried the weapon on the orders of his boss, the main suspect in the murder of his wife.

The weapon with which they would have killed Yrma Lydya.  (Special)
The gun found in the truck. (Special)

In the video, which was made with a cell phone on another screen, the filming of the security cameras is observed. They are 28 seconds and it is possible to observe only the year 2022 of the date on which it was captured, along with Thursday with a time of 20:25:20.

At that time, one of the bodyguards identified as Benjamin ‘N’ leaves the establishment to look for a second bodyguard to tell him something. Immediately he enters with a small backpack or bag where he would have the firearm that he gave to Jesús Hernández Alcocer.

Outside the restaurant several men are seen who would have witnessed the movement.

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