Alferdo Talavera revealed why he did not come to Chivas after leaving Pumas

Alfredo Talavera clarified the details about the alleged offer he received from Chivas del Club Deportivo Guadalajara (Video: Courtesy ESPN)

After having established himself as a figure with the National University Club, Alfredo Talavera He did not extend his contract with the Pumas and several offers were presented to him to continue his career. although in the end decided to meet again with Hernán Cristante in the box of the Bravos de Juárez, he had the opportunity to return to the Chivas of the Guadalajara Sports Club. However, a snub took him away from the return with the team that made him known to Mexican soccer.

In an appearance before the media, on the eve of making his debut in the Apertura 2022 tournament against Chivas del Club Deportivo Guadalajara, the national team confirmed the interest and even the talk he had with members of the Flock board Sacred. However, he implied that His signing may not have been one of Ricardo Peláez’s priorities at the time.

“It was a lack of coordination of the times because they were still playing their league and they couldn’t be talking about it. Opportunities arise, but if it could not be achieved it was because there were no more talks from them to usthat is the reality, but hey, that’s the way things are, “he declared before the microphones.

Alfredo Talavera has been listed as one of the best goalkeepers in Liga MX (Photo: Kirby Lee/USA TODAY OBLIGATED CREDIT)
Alfredo Talavera has been listed as one of the best goalkeepers in Liga MX (Photo: Kirby Lee/USA TODAY OBLIGATED CREDIT)

The closing of the most recent tournament, both for the Pumas of the National University and for the Chivas of the Guadalajara Sports Club was convulsive. While those from Pedregal tried to recover from the loss in the final of the Concacaf Champions League against Seattle Sounders, the people of Guadalajara desperately sought to secure their stay in the league of Mexican soccer after the rescue they achieved from the hand of the coach Richard Chain.

Another factor that made it impossible for Talavera to join the Chivas team was the sudden decision-making that they had to make in both teams. On the one hand, capitals They were forced to consider the continuity of various players of their campus, while in Verde Valle they discussed the continuity of the interim technical director and the signings that could increase the soccer level of the institution.

Despite this, Alfredo Talavera made known his intention to renew with the team led by Andrés Lillini since months before the closing of the tournament. However, by failing to reach an agreement, the university board announced the end of the employment relationship with the goalkeeper because he did not accept the new contractual conditions, despite the fact that these they complied with the demands made known during the negotiation.

Alfredo Talavera was a fundamental player with the Pumas of the National University (Photo: Instagram/@atd111)
Alfredo Talavera was a fundamental player with the Pumas of the National University (Photo: Instagram/@atd111)

Despite the fact that the decision was communicated in an official club document, the goalkeeper sought to give his own version moments later. In it he affirmed that he sought to negotiate his renewal long before the end of his contract, although the club did not give continuity to it. Months later, already as a player for the Bravos de Juárez, he released more details about the situation.

“We all saw that statement and I think there should be a professional, human ethic, where there should be a lot of transparency. I don’t like to go into bickering, being on everyone’s lips. I have always handled myself in a single line. The moment I saw that statement I felt betrayed because things were not like that. They want to make me look like the villain, I didn’t like that part anymore “he acknowledged in an interview with Fox Sports.

The misunderstandings and the pressure that the institutions, involved in his signing, suffered at the close of the tournament did not prevent Find another institution to pursue your career. That way, it will be with the jersey of the Juarez Bravesfrom where he will look for enough consistency to earn a place in the final call of the Mexican National Team for the World Cup in Qatar 2022.


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