Uses of vinegar to care for and protect your plants at home

Vinegar has become a very popular ingredient when it comes to cleaning as its properties make it unique in helping with moisture and mold. But another use option is also to care for and protect your plants at home.

Vinegar can not only be used for cleaning at home or to complement dressings or salads, it can also be an ally when it comes to taking care of the plants in your house, below, we give you 3 uses that range from fertilizer to insect repellent. insects.

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3 uses of vinegar to take care of the plants in your home

One of the main components of vinegar is its antifungal power, this makes it an ally when it comes to taking care of the plants in your home, then we tell you 3 uses.

  • It helps you to prevent mold on plants: As we mentioned before, one of the properties is antifungal and can be used on your plants without fear of chemicals that can damage them. To control mold, you only have to dilute 2 tablespoons of water in 3 liters of water and put them in a spray bottle with this mixture. spray continuously.
  • How to fertilizer for plants: if you add vinegar to the soil of your plants, it will add iron to the substrate where they grow, you can do it in a simple way, just put it directly on the ground, trying not to do it in excess so as not to damage them.
  • How herbicide: one of the most useful benefits to take care of your plants is as an insecticide, because the smell of vinegar keeps many insects and bugs away, to make the insecticide you only have to mix one part of this liquid for two of water and put them in a sprayer, in this way way you can spray it on the leaves and soil to keep pests away.

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