So you can know the chances of suffering a cardiac arrest in the next 10 years

How is your heart today?If you don’t know, the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) offers the possibility of knowing the risk that a person has of suffering a cardiac arrest in the next 10 years.

Through the “cardiovascular-cholesterol risk calculator”, a tool for public use offered by the IMSSpeople over the age of 20 can calculate cardiovascular risk that have.

to meet andA person’s risk of cardiac arrest through the tool offered by the IMSS, just follow the following step by step:

Step by step to know the risk of suffering a cardiac arrest

  1. Go to the site
  2. Place all your personal and health data such as: gender and age
  3. answer some questions
  4. Enter your HDL and Cholesterol levels
  5. Click on “Calculate”

The platform will return two results, the first: the age of the heart and the second: the percentage of risk. Just like him type of risk that has according to a traffic light alert.

For example, a 34-year-old female with a systolic pressure of 90 mmHg, no treatment for hypertension, a smoker, no diabetes, and an HDL level of 75 and a cholesterol level of 150 had the following results: on the “cardiovascular risk calculator-cholesterol”:

  • heart age: 31
  • Risk percentage: 1.5%
  • Low risk: less than 10% chance of going into cardiac arrest or dying from heart disease in the next 10 years.

The “cardiovascular risk calculator-cholesterol”, It is based, according to the Framingham Heart Study Institute, an institution dedicated to the study of this important organ in the United States.

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