Selfi of planet Earth: they reveal the first photo of the planet taken with a commercial camera

The technology made it possible to obtain the first selfie on planet earth, and is that the company nanoavionics used a commercial camera, mounted on a selfie stick, to take the first full 4K resolution satellite “self-photo”.

In the images revealed by NanoAvionics, the experts managed to obtain a immersive view of the earth. On this, Vytenis J. Buzas, co-founder and CEO of nanoavionicssaid:

“The reason for taking the photo and video clip with the Great Barrier Reef in the background was partly symbolic. We wanted to highlight the vulnerability of our planet and the importance of satellite Earth observation, especially for monitoring the environment and climate changes.”

“In our increasingly visual culture, it is important for investors, students, clients and the general public to see is to believe, Buzas said, adding “Millions see rocket launches, but barely see satellites in orbit or operational deployable structures. This is going to change through live or recorded images.”

The photos were obtained in 12 megapixels and the video clips in 4K and were taken with a GoPro Hero 7, and show the company’s MP42 microsatellite flying 550 km over the Coral Sea and the Great Barrier Reef, the only living structure visible from space, along the northeastern tip of Australia.

Those responsible for obtaining said images they ensured that the selfies of planet earth They are useful for visually confirming the deployment of antennas and other structures, as well as for comparing images over time which can allow the detection of visual clues about the possible degradation of materials or impacts of micrometeorites.

How was it possible to take a selfie of the Earth from space with an ordinary camera?

Yes ok, commercial action cameras are not often used on satellite missionsfor nanoavionics it was a quick and visually appealing way to conduct initial tests of satellites and components, he said in a press release.

The company chose a consumer camera because typical space-grade engineering cameras don’t have enough resolution, are expensive, take months to develop, and can’t always provide an immersive view of Earth.

To operate the camera in space, experts said they had to disassemble it “to the bone.” Engineers then fabricated a custom housing for the electronics, made a custom “selfie stick,” and developed camera control electronics and special software to communicate with satellite systems.

Before it was sent into space, it was rigorously tested to show that it can survive the harsh environment of a rocket launch, as well as the vacuum and wide temperature swings in space.

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