Safety pin! The award-winning horror game that costs 30 pesos on Steam

It is found within the Summer Sale 2022 promotions and can be purchased for a ridiculous price until July 7.


Steam Summer Sale 2022 It has a wide range of video games with incredible discounts and for all tastes. Action and adventure, going through sports, open world and strategy, among others. There are also no shortage of options for lovers of terror and among the titles of this type there is one unmissable for an almost free price.

Safety pin! The award-winning horror game that costs 30 pesos on Steam

outlast is played from a first-person perspective, and unlike many other horror titles, the protagonist can’t fight and it should only be dedicated to running, crawling, climbing or hiding to avoid the worst end.

The character’s stamina is limited and it can progressively recover from wounds if it remains still for a certain time, without being attacked. Can Survive dangerous situations by hiding under beds, locking doors, and more.

Most of the enemies in the game are variants or mental hospital patients what are they presenting mutations and aggressive behaviors with respect to the rest of the inmates of the asylum.


How much does Outlast cost on Steam Summer Sale 2022

This title developed by Red Barrels and released in 2013 has a 85 percent discount until July 7 and can be obtained by only 33 pesos. Also, Outlast 2 is also at 85 percent and has a value of 50 pesos.

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