Quantic Labs, the company that oversaw the bugs of Cyberpunk 2077, responds to the accusations about the work it did

In the last few hours we told you about the leaking of a 72-page report indicating that CD Projekt RED had hired the services of Quantic Labs for the latter to be in charge of supervising the quality of Cyberpunk 2077. However, in the same document the company was accused of having done a bad job.

Among the complaints was that Quantic Labs overstated the number of its employees, also did not have people qualified enough for this type of task and apparently had to reach a daily quota of detected errors, which caused it to report insignificant errors with such to reach the established quota.

This whole situation has generated a great stir that has caused Quantic Labs to want to pronounce on it. This is where Stefan Seicarescu, president of the company, has entered the scene to declare to PCGamesN that the accusations are wrong and just a misunderstanding about how to work on big productions:

The video posted on social media begins with some incorrect statements about the history of Quantic Labs. There seems to be a lack of understanding in the process of how a video game is tested before it is released.

All of our dealings with clients are confidential, but global publishers generally work with multiple QA outsourcing companies and don’t just hire one. The direction of the project is agreed and adjusted according to the requirements in real time with our clients.

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Therefore, Seicarescu’s statements seem to indicate that Quantic Labs was not the only company that was involved in the quality control of Cyberpunk 2077. However, it is noteworthy that has not taken the opportunity to deny the rest of the accusations, like everything related to employees or the issue of quotas. Meanwhile, CD Projekt RED continues without providing any response on this matter.

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