Paulina Rubio gives a concert in Costa Rica and the place is almost empty

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Although Paulina Rubio is a very popular singer and recently performed at the Machaca Fest in Monterrey, everything indicates that she was not very successful now that she gave a show at the Pride Costa Rica, since images and videos have circulated where it is observed that the place where the golden girl it looked almost empty.

Through social networks, users announced that the concert he gave Paulina Rubio in Costa Rica was not successful as the National Stadium, place where it was presented, it was not filled, this despite the fact that tickets were given away during the LGBTQ+ Pride march.

To make matters worse, some people mentioned that the show was an hour late and that when it started, it only lasted 45 minutes, without a doubt something that bothered the people who gathered at the concert.

According to tweets shared by people who attended the concert, in addition to giving away tickets during the LGBTIQ+ Pride march, a few minutes after the start of the show there were staff outside the stadium offering free tickets, however, the venue was not even filled.

As expected, through Twitter Costa Ricans shared their views on the failure of the concert by Paulina Rubio, which took place this Sunday, June 26.

In social networks, memes also began to be published regarding the golden girl. Some users They even joked that Costa Rica never he had joined so much as not to go to the Mexican concert.

On Instagram, Paulina Rubio has not shared any publication regarding her concert in Costa Rica, However, he has uploaded photos and even videos of the concert he gave at the festival in Monterrey.


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