New malware alerted against BBVA customers

Under the name of “Revive”, malware is in the early stages of development to specifically attack users of the application of the Spanish bank BBVA on Android. This banking Trojan can be found in applications from untrustworthy third-party sources, programmers from the cybersecurity company “Cleafy” discovered.

The malware works on the cell phone when a text message is sent to the user and after you are invited to download a BBVA authentication “application”, under the argument that the identity of the person must be verified.

“The name Revive was chosen because one of the malware’s functionalities (called by threat actors precisely ‘revive’), restarts in case the malware stops working“, said researchers from the cybersecurity company “Cleafy”, through a statement.

The objective of “Revive” is to collect bank account data, as well as control of SMS and calls so that banking operations can be carried out without the knowledge of the victim.

Similarly, report highlights malware appears to be inspired by Android spywaresince the code coincides with that of “Revive” and despite the fact that its focus is towards BBVA users, it is not ruled out that in the future it may have another point of view towards a different company.

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