“Neighbors” refuses to release the memory of Octavio Ocaña

On October 29, 2021, Octavio Ocaña, actor of the series “Neighbors“He died after a police chase in the State of Mexico.

At the time, the production of the program dedicated a farewell chapter to him, which will not be the only one; now, for season 13, he is preparing another one that will feature the actor’s sisters.

“Bertha and Ana Leticia will play Benito’s cousins ​​(a character from Ocana) and this will be partly a tribute and to have Benito’s image always in the series, because beyond the actor and being part of the cast, Benito was our family, the entire cast saw him grow up and nobody wants him to leave or be forget”, commented the producer of the series, Elías Solorio.

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Eight months after the death of Ocaña, who was 22 years old, the producer recognized that he will always be part of the production, so they decided to give his character an outlet in which he can continue to be present in the program.

“Octavio is part of us and we wanted to keep him that way because in some way he is still in the series through the calls that Benito makes to his parents. We thought it was the best way to continue honoring him,” he said.

Solorio will premiere the new episodes of the comedy series this July 3 on The stars, and in a few months the production of the fourteenth and fifteenth season will begin. He does not rule out that Octavio’s sisters return, as long as the chapter in which they appear is to the liking of the audience.

“Definitely if it works, they will be characters that will return because although the chapter in which they appear is very emotional, it is also very funny. We do not rule out the possibility that they will return, ”she advanced.

The character of Octavio, who began working on “Neighbors” at the age of seven, is the son of Frankie and Lorena Rivers (César Bono and Ana Bertha Espín), parents obsessed with their son dedicating himself to acting and who succeeded in the end; so was his departure.

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familiar faces

In this new season Édgar Vivar returns, who joins as part of the main cast of the series and also Ignacio lopez tarsowho will be Frankie’s father-in-law, a character who, although he has been present since the first season as the man who supports the Rivers family, the production had not given him a face until now.

“We made the kind invitation to Mr. López Tarso and he kindly accepted. It is incredible how, in addition to being the great actor that he is, he is a great comedian and always willing to work and stay active, “explained Solorio, adding that the actor has fitted in very well with the team:

“He has made a great dumbbell with the entire cast and production. We want her to be with us permanently! ”, Acknowledged the producer.

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