Musician cries to know that he will play at his ex-girlfriend’s wedding

Tik Tok did it again! The sad video of a musician crying quickly went viral, but surely you don’t know the reason behind these tears. It should be noted that many times we see videos on Tik Tok that make us believe in love, but many more make us feel disappointed in love tragedies, this news corresponds to the second type of videos.

The story is about this young musician, who works playing music to set events during the week, He also mentions that many times he does not know who he will play for, but only finds out until he arrives at the event.. But perhaps this is a mistake, because after his sad experience, the young man will not be the same as before and he will surely begin to ask the name of the party.

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Video: Musician cries when he realizes that he will play at his ex’s wedding

as you read it, On this occasion the young man named Brian Rodríguez met his ex-girlfriend at a not very pleasant moment, since he was hired to play at her wedding. In the video we can see Brian wiping the tears from his face, his eyes are teary, just a bitter and quite sad moment for the young man who once loved the bride who was about to marry. However, his face changes when he receives a drink from his ex father in law.

Until the writing of this note, the video published on Tik Tok reached more than six million views, around half a million likes and more than 900 comments. Clearly, this video made several Internet users comment on the event, where they stand out: “The good thing is that your ex-father-in-law still loves you”; “Sign that you were a good couple so that parents continue to be nice to you”; “I think the girlfriend will not do well, the ex cries for him.”

For their part, many asked for a second part to see the reaction of the bride, however, he did not follow up on this bittersweet moment again.

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