it costs $3.99 a month and still has ads


A new ‘premium’ subscription for Snapchat, which will offer “a collection of exclusive features” for $3.99 per month but will not remove advertising from the service to those who sign up for Snapchat+.

It seems that Snapchat wants to continue diversifying its income streams, so after introducing us to its interesting Pixy smart flying camera, a mini-drone capable of taking us selfie following us autonomously that costs just over 200 dollars, now they just made Snapchat+ official as their subscription service premium for personal users.

This is one more level on the functionality of the Snapchat platform that we already know, and that it costs 3.99 dollars per month adding options and exclusive novelties for subscribers, although unfortunately will not remove advertising from the service that we would all want to charge ourselves if we pay a monthly fee.

Snapchat Monetization

Snapchat seeks to monetize its services more and better, now presenting us with this Snapchat+ subscription that does not eliminate advertising.

In fact, as our colleagues at GSMArena told us, Snapchat+ will include the function of check who has re-viewed your stories or the possibility of modify the app iconamong other innovations such as the possibility of set another user as our best friend inside the chat section.

They say from Snapchat that with your subscription Plus will offer “a collection of exclusive, experimental and pre-release features” that only paying users can use, confirming in passing that The option to disable ads will not be given for now in the app.

Snapchat has launched a flying selfie camera that follows you autonomously

Interesting is also that won’t open Snapchat+ to everyoneat least for now, but it arrives limited to the markets of the United States and Canada in America, France, Germany and the United Kingdom in EuropeAustralia and New Zealand in Oceania with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates as representatives from Asia.

It is expected that in a few months it will spread to more countries, although people will speak and we will see then how many users are willing to pay $3.99 per month for a handful of optionstaking into account above all that they will have to continue eating the ads with potatoes.


This is the new Snapchat+ logo.

Now there is only give them time to see if they succeed in their launch markets, and track them down to see when they land in Spain and Latin America.

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