Infantino asked for an end to timeshare in Liga MX for 2026 – Ruben Rodriguez


The recommendation and position of FIFA for Mexican soccer was clear and forceful in the last visit of Gianni Infantino, president of the managing body of world soccer, in a private meeting with the president of the FMF, Yon De Luisa, he made it clear several points for the World Cup, such as the renovation of the Azteca Stadium, but the important issue was talking about the MX Leagueits formation, constitution and operation, for which timeshare occupied a large part of the meeting, since although it is true that it is not prohibited in the statutes, it is recommended not to have it or make use of it.

The request was concrete on the part of Infantino, timeshare in Mexico must end by the 2026 World Cup, to which Yon De Luisa immediately accepted and promised to eradicate it and make the pertinent efforts so that the owners who are immersed in two teams, start looking for partners or entrepreneurs to take your place in one of the two teams you have.

Even the president of the FMF himself, in an interview for Fox Sports, stated that the issue will have to be resolved and eradicated before 2026, since it is an issue that worries FIFA and that it has been a very specific request from the organization.

The recommendation was reported to the owners of the Mexican soccer teams individually and collectively, with the idea that in the following meetings they begin to outline ideas or plans to eradicate it immediately and thus comply with the FIFA mandate and avoid pain. head

Remember that Mexican soccer at the club level is still under scrutiny and especially finances, contracts, and everything that has to do with the financial issue, since the requested transparency must be carried out to the letter in all its activities.


Chivas continues in search of Orbelín Pineda’s yes, however, the Celta midfielder let them know for the third time in a row his intention to stay in Vigo, so the Chivas they improved their offer and knocked on the team’s door, since at first they wanted him on loan and now they are willing to buy him, however, Toluca is holding their hand since they proposed five million dollars for the purchase of the player from the beginning of the negotiation , which was rejected and Orbelín himself would not accept either. Now Chivas is up against the wall, since with the refusal of the club and the player it is difficult to count on their services, so what their other reinforcement options will look for in the local market with a loan or some purchase that is not so expensive and that meets the specifications of the coaching staff.


The Mexican National Team games in September will be essential for those who go to Qatar. Those who appear on that list will be at the end of the year in the World Cup. Martino will call the 26 who will appear on his final list for October 31 in Barcelona, ​​where they will spend 16 days, to reach World Cup lands on November 17, so to face Peru and Colombia, and being a FIFA Date, They asked both teams to try to summon a large part of their figures, so that the games are with the maximum demand, for which Colombia and Peru accepted the recommendation of SUM, who hired them for the matches.

With this, the Mexican team will have the best possible preparation, since they will close with Sweden in Barcelona, ​​and with the possibility of playing one more match with a rival of lower quality than Sweden, but that will serve the selected ones to be in competition in the concentration for world Cup.


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