House of Samuel García and Mariana Rodríguez “becomes flooded” by the rains (VIDEO)

The House of the governor of New Lion, Samuel Garciaand the influencer, Mariana RodriguezI know flooded due to the thunderous rain that took place this Tuesday afternoon and in the midst of the strong crisis of water scarcity that the entity suffers.

Through his stories of InstagramMariana Rodríguez, also the governor’s wife, shared a video of how the rain caused some damage to the interior of your home.

In fact, Mariana Rodríguez recorded the moments when the water began to filter through a slot in the ceiling of her dressing room, so she began to collect the water in a bucket and thus reuse it in the bathroom.

In turn, Mariana’s video shows that she cleaned all the rainwater that got into her house with a mop, while her husband enjoys the phenomenon that the state needed so much.

Between laughs, the influencer also explains that the rain occurred after it was ‘will bombard‘ the clouds of Nuevo Leon; however, he sarcastically asks Samuel Garcia if he had his closet ‘bombed’.

And it is that Samuel García asked the team that works in the bombardment of clouds with silver iodide, to prioritize the rain in the area of ​​the mountains so that the runoffs propitiate the filling of the La Boca damin the municipality of Santiago.

“We are starting to bomb so that the cloud stays here and it rains here for 6 or 7 hours, I don’t want it to go to Galeana, I’m not interested in it going north, here I occupy the cloud raining 7 hours,” he explained during a live broadcast, while showing a map of Nuevo León.

Previously, the president trusted that rain could be generated by taking advantage of the humidity that occurs in the region.

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García Sepulveda explained that before a dry La Boca dam, pumping the vital liquid to the southern area of ​​Monterrey and the municipality of Santiago is complicated.

“To all my people from the south (of Monterrey), I have lived there all my life on the Paseo, uncles, neighbors, cousins ​​speak to me every day. this sector and it is at zero”, commented García.

Finally, he also asked citizens to put themselves in his shoes, because it has been difficult to meet the supply due to the low levels of the dams.

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