Destroyed Corral strategy against insecurity: Duarte

Chihuahua, Chih.- Through an open letter to Chihuahuan society, former Governor César Duarte accused his successor, Javier Corral Jurado, of destroying the “successful” strategy against insecurity that was implemented in Chihuahua and blames him for handing over the state to crime.

He assures that Corral Jurado to provide protection to Noriel Portillo alias “El Chueco”, who is accused of the recent murder of the Jesuit priests that occurred in Cerocahui, in addition to being linked to the criminal group responsible for murdering the journalist Miroslava Breach, as well as the American professor Patrick Braxton-Andrews

Here the full text:

Open letter to the Chihuahuan society

Javier Corral destroyed the successful strategy against insecurity with which high-impact crimes decreased throughout the territory of Chihuahua and handed over the state to crime.

Likewise, he provided protection to the group that generated violence to which “El Chueco” Noriel Portillo belongs, who cold-bloodedly murdered two Jesuit priests and the tour guide in Cerocahui, a fact that we deeply regret, as do all Chihuahuans.

This criminal group is behind the death of the journalist Miroslava Breach (2017) and the American tourist Patrick Braxton – Andrews (2018), which was perpetrated by “El Chueco”.

Javier Corral never had the intention of stopping “El Chueco”, considered a dangerous generator of violence, on the contrary, his actions were aimed at destroying the entire strategy that had allowed the state of Chihuahua to get out of uncontrollable violence.

It is essential to know the reasons why “El Chueco” was not arrested or persecuted in 2018: Javier Corral, during his administration as Governor of Chihuahua, dismantled the security strategy that had been successful and had defused the wave of violence that had been placing Ciudad Juárez as the most dangerous city in the world for 10 consecutive years. This strategy resulted in this border town being removed from the list of the top 50 most violent cities in the world during my administration, and without excessive use of force.

It is also essential to know the reasons why Corral invaded and contaminated the crime scene where important evidence of the murder of journalist Miroslava Breach was found; Curiously, the perpetrators identified in that homicide coincide with the same group that generated violence that attacked the Jesuit priests. Coincidence?

Corral did everything possible to identify those who even used the telephones on his Governor’s desk to make the recordings of Miroslava Breach and who were the motive for her cunning murder.

“It is also worth mentioning that in the face of these events, Corral – taking advantage of his hierarchical relationship – with a then government official and countryman from Miroslava, whom he summoned to his office together with Prosecutor Peniche, told him that they were going to help him, and there They themselves advised him and dictated his statement “they took a ministerial statement” that served to make him their scapegoat, today he is in jail, Corral managing to disassociate himself and “protect” his closest collaborators from this homicide in a tricky and vile.

Governor Corral himself was very active in the investigation of the murdered journalist and today it is clear to us how he manipulated her. He should clarify what was his real interest in the matter, since this case fully coincides with the murder of the North American Citizen, that of the Tour Guide and that of the 2 Jesuit priests. Here we can ascertain the degree of protection that Corral granted to this criminal group. There is no doubt of his complicity.

Likewise, the study presented by the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) is relevant in its hypothesis of how Corral assumed power with the operation of organized crime and how he returned the border plaza to that criminal group, positioning them again in drug dealing, extortion and kidnapping.

It is highly suspicious that despite the progress made in security from 2011 to 2016, the Corral government did precisely the opposite, causing a new uptick in the crimes that most harm society, such as kidnapping, extortion , homicide, car theft, again generating hundreds of Homicides that could have been avoided, as well as the harmful effects of extortion on the economy and how painful the kidnapping and disappearance of people is for the victims and their families.

Among the actions carried out by Corral Jurado is that it eliminated the strategy of having both kidnappers, extortionists and multi-murderers concentrated in a single prison (the one in Chihuahua capital) and in a single module with signal inhibitors, special surveillance and monitoring to control the operation. of the capos in this and in the other State Ceresos.

We are extremely surprised that during the Government of Javier Corral they returned extortionists, kidnappers and multi-murderers to several prisons, but mainly to the Cereso de Ciudad Juárez, and simultaneously we saw a resurgence of these high-impact crimes on the border when these crimes had already been totally controlled in my government.

Similarly, it dismantled the strategy of the Single Command, the formula that we implemented and with which it had been possible to contain the rates of violence, intentional homicides, extortion and kidnapping throughout the entity.

In addition, the bonus was withdrawn from the police officers who went to work in the Sierra and risk areas in the State, among other benefits, and the stimulus that was delivered to the entire State Police was also suspended.

Recreation spaces built for police families in Ciudad Juárez (Central Park), Chihuahua (Robinson Park) and Cuauhtémoc were also closed; which was a comprehensive strategy for empowering the police forces.

Here we observe the inconsistency with which Javier Corral acts, on the one hand, he dismantled the successful security strategy in the State, he neglected to address situations of violence that unfortunately have marked the history of our State, and in contrast we see how it has been a persecutor of women and entire families in order to nuance with a crusade against corruption that was actually a persecution of his political enemies, take personal revenge, and with that blunder distract public opinion and at the same time protect his allies with impunity from organized crime.

It has become clear to all Chihuahuans how in the Government of Javier Corral Jurado the criminal groups were untouchable, they moved with total impunity, once again triggering insecurity and violence throughout the State, with the various criminal groups taking root throughout the entire state geography. .

I did not flee from Chihuahua, the liar and cheater from Corral took away my security the day after I left my post as Governor and it is clear that I did fight organized crime head-on for what forced me to leave the country. He summoned me to court on December 12, 2016, when it was public knowledge that he would undergo surgery on his spine that same day in Houston, Texas, as a result of the accident I suffered in the helicopter and required months of recovery. By then it was already clear that he had manipulated the assigned judges, there were audios circulating of how he manipulated the Judiciary, furthermore, without trial or investigation, Corral had already declared me guilty, he had declared me the number one enemy of the Chihuahuans and I He was inventing all kinds of accusations, paying bonuses to everyone who had to do with these X files, public ministries, investigative police, using all the tricks and tricks to blame me, something that he did not do in so many other homicides and crimes that occurred in the state as in the case of “El Chueco”. In addition, that in those days one of Corral’s closest collaborators: Víctor Quintana in a restaurant in New York City, was recorded sharing with his friends that the moment I entered the Chihuahua prison they were going to kill me, these These are the reasons why I did not appear in the Corral government to face the lynching campaigns and political persecution against me.

Now that Javier Corral assumes himself as a pseudo-fighter against corruption, constructing a discourse in a media scheme with his allies to distract society by attacking his political enemies and strengthening his criminal protégés, I want to alert all of society not to let them manipulate more with their skills as an innovative intellectual when all they did was hand over the state to criminal groups and that is the most despicable act of corruption that exists. Well, it left the current government with a very dangerous institutional infiltration that has generated the deep and painful crisis that Chihuahua is suffering today.

Now that the President himself has demanded an explanation as to why “El Chueco” was at full liberty with an arrest warrant, the protection provided by Javier Corral Jurado to this criminal group must be thoroughly investigated.

The situation of insecurity that exists right now in all of Chihuahua is precisely due to the actions and omissions of Javier Corral, who used justice and corrupted it to persecute political enemies and also protect criminal groups, for which he must be punished.

I am aware of the risks of these statements, but today I assume them. I will have to prove my innocence, exhibit the false accusations and unmask the most corrupt corrupting liar, lazy man and protector of murderers who has governed Chihuahua, that is Corral. It is not the first time that he faced enormous challenges. As governor I took these risks and we successfully combated crime in the state.

Juarenses and Chihuahuans all know it.

May Heaven Bless Chihuahua.

Cesar Horacio Duarte Jaquez

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