Cynthia Rodríguez looks light in an outfit on an excursion

Cynthia Rodríguez, in a long dress and tennis shoes, wore a very comfortable style from her Instagram account while taking a tour of the wonders of Egypt that left her followers fascinated.

the beautiful singerCynthia Rodríguez, has not missed an opportunity to document every moment of her trip, and although she has shared most of the captures alone, in the middle of her honeymoon, the “host of Venga la Alegría” has not stopped sharing her great experience.

As it happened on this occasion where the beautiful “Coahuilan“, Cynthia Deyanira Rodríguez Ruiz, who took a long vacation from the morning show, shared her tour of Egypt and some of its many wonders, described the same

Surprised with the wonder of Karnak Temple and Luxor Temple, it reads in the series of postcards.

In a long dress and tennis shoes, today “Carlos Rivera’s wife“, is captured in several snapshots from the inside and outside of the legendary buildings.

on one of the postcards Cynthia Rodriguez figure raising her arms in the middle of the large columns that stand out one of the temples and that the famous 38-year-old would tour with her now spouse, the interpreter of “What is ours stays ours.”

The praise and reactions were immediate in the publication of the “Princess Grupera“, of whom his 3.9 million followers have not stopped staying abreast of his steps in this new adventure and in which he received various messages in which the positive comments towards the charismatic “actress of soap operas” and series predominated.

Bonitaaaa, wrote @rossananf, and moments later it was the actress, Ariadne Díaz who expressed: ‘You radiate beautiful’.

Along with these first reactions, some other messages were also shown in the publication itself, which in the end accumulated 86,859 likes.

“Everyone is surprised that you never upload photos with Carlos and having him on a par”, “Beautiful Cynthia but if you were going to be alone, you would have better stayed in Mexico in Venga la Alegría”, “Here we can see one of the wonders of the world”. .Ah and behind there is a certain Temple, “You look beautiful”, “An Egyptian goddess”, “Sooo beautiful”, “A wonder in another wonder”, “How beautiful happiness feels on you”, “What beauty”, “I love to see you happy”, “My QUEEN perfect”.

It is read among the comments dedicated to the “youtuber” who acted in productions such as “Educando a Nina” and programs such as “Todo un show”, among others, and who in the end accumulated a total of 86,859 likes.

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