Cruz Azul sues Juan Reynoso in FMF Controversies

Various sources consulted by ESPN confirmed that Cruz Azul filed a formal claim with the Conciliation and Dispute Resolution Commission (CCRC) of the Mexican Soccer Federation (FMF) against Juan Reynoso

MEXICO — In an unprecedented case in Mexican soccer, a club filed a lawsuit against its former coach after dismissing him in order to avoid paying any compensation.

Various sources consulted by ESPN confirmed that Blue Cross filed a formal complaint with the Conciliation and Dispute Resolution Commission (CCRC) of the Mexican Soccer Federation (FMF) against Juan Maximo Reynoso Guzmanrequesting the assistance of the aforementioned institution so that it can determine that there is no obligation to pay any liquidation by the club, despite the dismissal of the Peruvian technical director, on May 19 without there apparently being cause for such effect.

Lawyers of Blue Cross went to Controversies on June 22 to file a lawsuit against the strategist who commanded Machine to the ninth title, after allegedly, the board and Reynoso had held conciliatory talks in order to reach an economic agreement for the early termination of the contract, which had 7 months and 11 days left, since it was valid until 31 December 2022.

The technician was dismissed on May 19 and, after the official communication of Blue Cross announcing his departure, he sent various requirements to the club demanding payment of the compensation that corresponds to him by contract. However, none was formally answered by the cement team.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, and despite Reynoso was willing to negotiate, it has been Blue Cross The one who decided to formally sue the coach, requesting the Commission to issue a resolution by virtue of which it establishes that the club does not have to pay any type of compensation, according to the sources consulted.

Cruz Azul argues before the CCRC that the contract establishes that the club could terminate it by mutual agreement, without payment of any compensation.

However, the Andean coach’s defense maintains that the decision was not by mutual agreement, since Juan wanted to continue in the team and was fired, which is why he is entitled to compensation. Auxiliary Jaime Serna, physical trainer Gustavo Leombruno and video analyst Rosalío Díaz, members of the Reynoso coaching staff who were also fired, accepted the compensation offered by Cruz Azul corresponding to 90 days of their salary.

Sources claim that John Reynoso He was willing to accept the liquidation that corresponds to him by law: the equivalent of 90 days of salary. Nevertheless, Blue Cross opted to present the aforementioned claim before the CCRC, the body in charge of resolving conflicts between members of the FMF.

For his part, assistant Joaquín Velázquez has an independent case against Cruz Azul for his early departure from the team. Pending a resolution from the Conciliation and Dispute Resolution Commission of the FMF, headed by Ernesto Meade, both Juan Reynoso and Cruz Azul can take the case via appeal to the Sports Arbitration Court (TAS), whose ruling is unappealable mutually.

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