Child actor who debuted with María Félix now triumphs in the program “Hoy”

Maria Felix She was one of the great icons of the era. Gold of Mexican Cinema, because thanks to her talent she managed to cross borders and was highly acclaimed in some countries of Europe and Latin America. Thanks to her long history, “The Lady” saw the birth of various artists, as was the case with this child actor, who debuted alongside her in a television production and who now triumphs as driver of the “Today” program.

The original of sound could not have a better start in Mexican cinema, because for his first participation in a film he got the leading role and shared credits with George Negrete, who would later become her husband. “The Rock of Souls”marked his beginning in the industry and later tapes like “Tizoc: Indian Love“, “In love”“Doña Bárbara”, “La cucaracha”, “Maclovia” and “Doña Diabla”, to mention some of the more than 50 productions in which I work.

María Félix was an icon of the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema Photo: Special

Host of “Hoy” debuted with María Félix

In 1970, already with a consolidated career, Maria Felix She was the protagonist of a period telenovela titled “The Constitution”which was under the production of Ernest Alonso and the address of Raul Araiza. In the melodrama, set between 1905 and 1917, also participated Jorge Lavat, C.arlos Bracho, María Rubio, Miguel Manzano, among others, including the son of the filmmaker: Raul Jr, who would later be known as “The black”.

Raul “El Negro” Araiza He was only 6 years old when he debuted with “The Lady” with the role of a Yankee boy, so the now driver of “Todayrevealed that due to his inexperience on stage, the diva of Mexican cinema came to pinch him to say his lines. However, this did not please the then little actor, who on one occasion told the protagonist that he would declaim her part without needing her “support”, something that he did not took the star of the screen well.

In his social networks, the driver of the morning Televisa still remembers the beginning of his career, because in his official accounts such as Instagram you can find photos of his participation in “The Constitution”. In fact, a few days ago, he revealed in his Meta platform “stories” that he had printed a photo of him and María Félix during a scene of the telenovela that marked his debut.

“El Negro” Araiza remembers María Félix Photo: Screenshot

Raúl “El Negro” Araiza: from child actor to host of “Hoy”

Raul Araiza Herrera was born in Mexico City, on 1November 4, 1964, within a family dedicated to the artistic medium, since his father was the actor, producer and director of film and television, Raul Araizawhile her mom, the screen diva and singer, Norm Herrera. He is also the brother of armingwho has also dedicated himself to the show appearing in various productions.

His debut was made with Maria Felix in “The Constitution” and was followed by other works in film and television such as “Path of Glory”, “New Dawn” and “The Scoundrel”. The actor studied in the United States at the Linton Hall School and then he returned to Mexico to continue his career until he became one of the most beloved drivers on the small screen, because with his talent and charisma he became one of the favorites of “Today” and “Members on Air“.


Actress of the Cine de Oro made way for the beloved host of “Hoy”; here your success story

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