BTS’s Jungkook Reveals How He Likes To Kiss And Who He Wants To Kiss With

Jungkook from BTS He is the member of the group who is better with the girls, at least that is what his colleagues assured during an interview. In addition, he is one of the most famous solo K-Pop idols, as he has conquered thousands outside the ARMY. He once he confessed what kind of kisses do you like.

The 24-year-old idol is currently single, but has become the ideal type for many of his female fans. There were even rumors that he turned down other K-Pop idols who confessed to him. It is also common knowledge that singer IU has been his crush for a long time.

And, although nothing is confirmed, apparently he had a girlfriend before he became famous, but because he did not have time for his training, he broke up with her. He has also said that he will not marry, but Jungkook drove his fans crazy after confessing how he would like to kiss tosomeone.

BTS: Jungkook excites his fans after revealing this

It was during an autograph signing where Jungkook talked about his way of kissing. While chatting with their fans, the group apparently asked them a question and Jimin assured them that if they guessed right they would earn a kiss from their partner. But the singer’s response was what drove his fans crazy.

A kiss about 5 minutes

It was what he answered in the affirmative, exciting more than one, because apparently Jungkook likes long kisses. However, his colleagues told him that this could be a bit unpleasant, perhaps because of the time saliva is shared, something that is unhygienic when kissing.

The only proof of Jungkook giving a kiss It is an alleged photo with his ex-girlfriend before he was famous, the singer only collides his lips with the young woman in the old image that has circulated on social networks.

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