A 3-year-old boy is injured in one eye when he receives a stone from alleged members of the Yaqui Ethnic Group | Sonoran News

OBREGON CITY.- A three-year-old minor was injured in one eye, after receiving a stone from alleged members of the Yaqui ethnic groupwho maintained a boat on Federal Highway Mexico 15, at the height of the town of Las Guásimas.

Jesús Huerta, a relative of the minor, explained that The attack took place on Tuesday afternoon, around 5:15 p.m. when they were traveling as a family from Hermosillo to Cajeme. and at the height of the aforementioned place they received two strong stones.

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He mentioned that One of the two stones they received was on the back window of the truck where the little boy was sitting in his seat. sprinkling splinters everywhere, including one of his eyes.

Upon reaching that place we received a strong stone on the window, this in order for us to stop and assault you, thanks to the polarized the stone entered with less force, but the splinters of glass fell into his eye and he had to be taken to the doctor for them to be removed”, he stressed.

They did not stop the march

His nephew, driver of the van, did not stop the march, because they feared that something worse might happenhe underlined.

Tomorrow, he said, they will go to the facilities of the State Attorney General’s Office (FGJE) to file the corresponding complaint for this fact, waiting for the authorities to do the corresponding thing.

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