What is nomophobia and what are the symptoms

There is no doubt that it is increasingly common for people to have their cell phones to carry out different daily activities. However, some scientific research claims that depending so much on this device has triggered a disorder, nomophobiabut then what is it and what are the symptoms.

We tell you what nomophobia is and why you could suffer from it

It is very likely that daily activities require the use of the cell phone, in fact, a study suggests that each person can consult their mobile device 150 times a day, but then at what point is the use of it considered an addiction; then we explain it to you.

What is nomophobia?

The term nomophobia It comes from the anglicism nomophobia (no-mobile-phone-phobia) and is just used to refer to the irrational fear of being without a cell phone or feeling incommunicado.

The truth is that this is not a recent term, the first investigations began in 2011, in the United Kingdom, and it has been proven that as more time passes, a greater number of people suffer from this


What are the symptoms of nomophobia?

According to various studies, people with nomophobia They can present anxious and obsessive symptoms, which can range from mild discomfort to manifestations that require clinical attention.

One of the main characteristics is that by not having the cell phone in sight or that it has no signal, people with nomophobia they feel stress or fear; although they can also present head or stomach discomfort.



Nomophobia is an irrational fear or extreme anxiety of staying away from your phone.

The profile of a person suffering from nomophobia It has been described as who considers his cell phone as his most valuable possession, even designates a significant amount of his income to have a last generation device or with plans that guarantee his connection to

at all times.

Asisimo is constantly attentive to the cell phone to see if they have new notifications, they never turn off their mobile and even modify their sleeping or eating schedules to spend more time on social networks.

Can nomophobia be cured?

First of all, it should be mentioned that this is a disease that does not distinguish between age, sex or social status, although the most vulnerable group is the digital natives.

The nomophobia yes it is curable, in fact, as it is an increasingly common disease, in some countries there are rehabilitation centers that offer programs for a digital detox.

However, certain measures can also be implemented to try to leave the cell phone; such as not using it on full battery or turning it off at night or on certain occasions; this in order to understand that the device is not an essential object.

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