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This Thursday a student from the Faculty of Medicine of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) He lost his life after jumping from a campus building.this is not the first time that it happens and the same institution has already had pronouncements on the matter.

In December 2021, the electronic journal of psychology of the Faculty of Higher Studies FES Iztacala addressed in a study Suicide attempt by medical undergraduate students as well as its link with the family dynamics that they face in addition to university life.

The objectives of this research were:

  • Analyze aspects associated with idealization and/or attempted suicide in the students of the medical surgeon career.
  • inquire about the typology and family dynamics of students with a history of attempted suicide.
  • Describe the student suicide attempts.

For this job the participation of 13 male students and 7 female students was taken with a history of attempted suicide between the ages of 18 and 25 who were studying medicine at FES Iztacala.

Suicide attempts are not necessarily due to academic performance, the family has

The study points out that family dynamics play a big role in situations that end with suicide attempts by students.

The lack of attention, family violence, the feeling of abandonment and rejection are some of the main reasons why the students interviewed attempted suicide. Some of them tried to jump from buildings as was the case of the student who died this Thursday.

The study suggests that the situations experienced in the family and social nucleus, Added to the pressures of college life they can lead to a variety of situations that young people experience and that should not be ignored.

In fact, the investigation argued that the majority of students who came to receive psychological care at the care modules of the FES Iztacala They did not go for academic reasons, but personal.

What can be done in such a situation? Research work suggests that its results should be of interest to teachers and institutionssince study spaces play a significant role in the prevention and early identification of people with suicidal intentions.

The study concluded that teacher training should include mental health courses for its awareness among students not only of medicine, but of any university career.

At the beginning of the study carried out by Leticia Osorno Castillo, Victoria Mariel Reséndiz Morales, Lura Palomino Garibay and Andrea Witt González, it was suggested that university students are a community vulnerable to suicidethis due to daily stress as well as the demands of a career.

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