This is what Poncho De Nigris’s son looks like after 3 months of birth; he stole Consuelo Duval’s heart

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Mexico City.- On March 23, the formerbig brother, Nigris Poncho managed to move 3.1 million followers, after sharing a video where you can the first moments of life of Anthonyher third child, who is breastfed by her mother Marcela Mistral and yes, little had been seen of the little boy, on the afternoon of this Thursday, June 23, the driver managed to steal the hearts of various celebrities by showing what their son looked like after three months.

Today, the youtuber also shared a clip of little Antonio, whom he is holding in his arms. For his part, he baby smiles at him as she watches him with her huge piercing blue eyeswhich he would have inherited from his motherthe Monterrey influencer. This intimate moment between father and son was shared by Poncho through his official Twitter account. Instagramwhere he added a moving message for his child.

The greatest love. We reached three months with Antonio De Nigris. All my love and all strength protect you” assured the famous

Son of Poncho De Nigris
Credit: @ponchodenigris

As mentioned above, several celebrities fell for the charms of such a “tender” baby, among them is Consuelo Duvalwho wrote: “I can’t”, other stars who succumbed to Antonio’s smile are: Serrath, Louis Colt Knight, Cecy Gutierrez, Tatiana, Erik Rubin, among others. It should be noted that at the young age of three months, De Nigris’s baby is already quite a influencersince, it has its own Instagram page, with 98.2 thousand followers.

  • Who is Poncho De Nigris?

Like his wife, Poncho De Nigris is originally from Monterey and it has a bachelor of management Business. She rose to fame after appearing in the second edition of big brother. Later he returned to his native New Lionwhere he participated as a host in various programs such as: Ponchos on Sunday, The Italian Club, Pure nice people, among others. By 2020 she returned to Televisa, in Who is the Mask?where he gave life to ‘Monster‘. Currently has a channel Youtube with 831 thousand subscribers.

Sources: Tribune, Instagram @ponchodenigris

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