The uncomfortable reunion between Natalia Téllez and her ex-boyfriend in “Netas Divinas” | VIDEO

Natalia Tellez She is one of my favorite drivers. “Divine Nets”, where this time she starred in an uncomfortable moment when reuniting with her ex-boyfriend, the singer Billy Mendez member of the Motel group, as he recalled that he has told some anecdotes of their relationship.

Divine Net” has become one of the most successful programs thanks to the authenticity, beauty and honesty of its hosts when recounting embarrassing momentshappy or sad about your life, like what you’ve done Natalia Tellez when talking about his ex-partners, without contemplating that this time one of them would be by his side.

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Billy Mendez and Rodrigo Davila of the group Motel They were the special guests on the most recent show, although the most awkward moment was when the first of them talked about the relationship he had with her. actress for a long time, ensuring that you have good memories of it.

Uncomfortable reunion between Natalia Téllez and her ex-boyfriend. Photo: Instagram @netasdivinastv

We had an amazing relationshipboth, I think there is no way that we do not feel something incredible for one and the other, “said the guitarist, pointing out that he had never imagined Natalia Téllez’s facet as a mother, since she recently had her daughter Emilia.

Courtship of Natalia Téllez

The driver and Billy Méndez had a relationship for almost seven years that was “prohibited” for a time since at that time she was 15 years old and he was 22, which is why Téllez’s mother did not consent to the courtship.

According to his stories, he met him when Motel was starting out in music and they were playing in a bar in front of a university and he attended his first rehearsals. In addition, he lived in Miami and they could not see each other as often as they wanted, which led them to end their romance.

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In one of the programs, Natalia Téllez reported that one of her ex-boyfriends didn’t smell very good and some of his friends let him know. Some fans pointed out that it could be Christopher Uckermann, although the possibility that it was Billy Mendez.

About the anecdotes, the actress admitted to having talked about their relationship at some point in the program, but assured that she did so because it was her first formal relationship and that I wasn’t doing it to harm him.


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