Mariazel exhibits a stalker who asked her for intimate photos through networks

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In recent years, Mariazel’s work in the entertainment industry has gained strength, because in addition to becoming one of the most recognized sports hosts at the national level, her participation in the program ‘Me caigo de Risa’ has led her to be a of the most beloved celebrities.

In addition to the fact that he usually keeps in touch, his followers are through his social networks where he shares the activities he does throughout the day. With videos and photos, fans of the actress also know a little more about her life.

And although daily receives hundreds of comments in which her fans talk about her work and congratulate herthere is also one or another that goes beyond the line and asks for intimate photos.

It was through his Instagram stories that the famous exhibited one of her followers that through a private message he asked her to send him intimate photos.

“Hello, how are you? Hey, I like you a lot, do you think you can send me a nude photo?” Said the message, which the famous responded with “What? Hahahaha.”

IG: @mariazelzel

Mariazel currently has almost three and a half million followers on Instagram, in addition to gain more fans every dayas he has participated in several reality shows, thus reaching various types of audiences.

Along with her husband, she participated in ‘Enamorrnos’, a reality show in which she came in first place; She later, along with Yurem, became one of the favorite couples in the second season of ‘Las Estrellas Bailan en Hoy’; and she is about to air her participation in ‘Four Elements Challenge’. Mariazel is characterized by competitiveness.

Does Mariazel have a rivalry with Mariana Echeverría?

For years there has been talk of the alleged rivalry between Mariazel and Mariana Echeverríaand although they themselves have recognized that in the past they had a confrontation over a soccer game, before entering ‘Me Caigo de Risa’, which is now part of the past.

“There is no conflict between Mariazel and me. Faisy produces that hatred for the viewer, but I would love to invite Faisy to give an answer, because he is the one who makes this conflict,” Echeverría commented a few months ago on Instagram.

The relationship between the celebrities is friendship now, however, a few years ago they both played soccer. Mariana was a forward and Mariazel was a defender, from opposing teamsThe annoyance between the two arose when Echeverría tried to score a goal, which was stopped by his partner.

After the game, they met again at MCDR but both were upset, until the coexistence made them realize that they could be good friends.

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