“Cochinos!”: Niurka exhibits unhygienic habits of inhabitants of “The House of the Famous”

The “scandal lady”, Niurka Marcoslashed out evenly against her former classmates from La casa de los celebrities 2, a Telemundo reality show of which she was a part until a couple of days ago, for pigs inside the house where the program is recorded.

Niurka was the last eliminated from the program, from which, by the way, she said she was disappointed because they exhibited her in a very ugly way and also indicated that everything was already fixed.

However, at the express question of the conductors of the program Sale el sol in which they told him if it was true that he had done the cleaning together with Laura Bozzo from the bathrooms of the house, the Cuban woman let go with everything and did not go down to the members of the house as pigs.

The Cuban He said that on several occasions he had to perform the toilet of the bathrooms because he found them splashed with urine, while in the showers it was very common to find hair and residue from the nose that they left stuck to the walls.

Niurka accepted that she also usually blows her nose when she bathesbut he noted that it is rinsed well so that said residues go down the drain and do not stick to the walls as several of their colleagues usually do now that they were living inside the house of celebrities.

If you did the toilet inside the house

And it is that we remember that a few weeks ago some videos and photos of both Niurka like Laura Bozzowhile they carried out the inspection of the bathrooms and apparently did the cleaning, the Cuban confirmed that they did indeed do it, due to the untidiness of her other reality show companions.

The Cuban was the last eliminated from the competition in which she was one of the protagonists of the scandal, along with other celebrities such as Laura Bozzoyour partner inside the house, John Vidal (former of Cynthia Klitbo), the actor Osvaldo Rios (of whom he said that now they are attacking him with everything) and the controversy Yvonne Montero with whom the Cuban had very intense friction at the end of her stay.

The Cuban revealed details about her stay at home (Photo: niurka.oficial)


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