We know this about the young woman who was raped and burned in Nuevo León – El Financiero

Liliana Fernandez, 23, denounced through social networks that three months ago she was a victim of rape, in addition to being beaten and burned alive by three subjects in Nuevo León.

The young woman, who is the mother of four children, explained that last march her husband had to leave Nuevo León for work, so she and the minors rented a room in the municipality of Salinas Victoria.

The owner, iidentified as Eduardo Tamezbegan to harass her and days later he went to her home, along with two other men, who drugged her, beat her, raped her, set her on fire and threw her on a vacant lot, leaving her for dead.

Liliana survived the attack, but suffered burns. in 32 percent of his body, including the lower part of his face.

“Three months ago I was raped and thrown on a piece of land, they burned 32 percent of my body,” she said in a recording.

With her wounds exposed in front of the camera, Liliana thanked all the people, specifically the citizens of United States, Tijuana and Saltillowho helped her financially to buy her medicines and help her children “have food”.

“I thank the people who have helped me, who have listened to me, who put themselves in my place, in the place of my children and my husband,” she said.

In addition, he demanded on Facebook that “justice be done” to stop his aggressors, since “he is not the only victim”.

“I ask for your help so that justice is done for those responsible… at night I can’t sleep because I’m thinking, because of the pain.

“Every day I cry, I remember how it smelled like fire… I just want justice to be done, there is no explanation to tell you everything I feel, “he said through tears.

In another recording, the young woman assured that the attack was carried out this year and not in 2019, as circulated on social networks. She even, she denounced that the Nuevo Leon Prosecutor’s Office He ignored their complaints.

“Yesterday I spent many hours in the Prosecutor’s Office, they ignored me, now I’m not going to pay attention to them, if they want to do their job, let them do it, I already gave my statement, I already said what I had to say,” he said.

This Tuesday, June 21, the Prosecutor’s Office explained that the victim had declared that he was injured “because he was on a property that caught fire”; however, Liliana Fernández accused that this was a lie and she denied having changed the version of events.

“The text says that they were pending the case since March 26, this being a lie, because no one ever approached me, not even with my husband, the Prosecutor’s Office was conspicuous by its absence, so I wonder, who took the statement that I supposedly I did,” he wrote.

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