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Through social networks, the fans of “War of Neighbors” began a new wave of comments: they ask for the return of Loreto Peralta to the Netflix series after being replaced by Estefanía Coppola.

season 2 of neighbors war It debuted with great fanfare within the Netflix catalog and right now it is in second place among the most viewed series on the platform. However, the notable cast change has aroused annoyance in a large sector of the fandom, especially among fans of Loreto Peraltawho was replaced by Estefania Coppola.

The reason for the departure of the protagonist of No refunds Y all the freckles in the world It is not entirely clear, however, this has not stopped hundreds of Internet users from asking Netflix for the return of Loreto Peralta, since they are not satisfied with the distribution of the new season of neighbors war. I miss Loreto Peralta in War of neighbors “wrote a user via Twitter.

I only saw War of neighbors for Loreto and they already changed it.

On the other hand, some followers of the series commented that the participation of the actress born in Florida, United States, was responsible for making the series fun, now that she is gone, things changed drastically: “I was excited for the second season of War of the Neighbors and they changed half of the characters to me. Loreto Peralta is not there either, who gave the series spark”.

season 2 of neighbors war It is made up of eight episodes of 30 minutes on average. Despite the absence of Loreto Peralta, the series created by Carolina Rivera and Fernando Sariñana It continues to enjoy enormous popularity and its position among the most watched content on Netflix in Mexico is proof of this.

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