VIDEO. Martial arts instructor subdues man who was hitting his partner

Ruth Torrellofrom AMM, dedicates her life to teaching self-defense to women and girls in Ecuador, her purpose is to prevent them from being mistreated by others.

The event occurred on June 16 in the center of the city of Guayaquil, Ecuador, after a man in the middle of a argument with your partner he held her without wanting to let her go, the woman desperately asked him to “leave her alone”.

In the middle of the struggle, the man hit the woman in the face, an action that led to Ruth Torello’s reaction, martial arts champion.

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Seeing the aggression, the athlete reacted by interposing between the two people. She then grabbed the assailant by the arms and threw him to the ground. She pinned him down until the police arrived.

“There was a couple who were arguing. The man gave him a right hand in the face and when I saw that, I reacted. I put a key on him and immobilized him until the police arrived and arrested him,” Torello told local media.

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