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The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) confirmed the death of a student of the School of Medicinewhich was evicted after a young man lost his life after throwing himself from a building from the school itself.

emergency services of the UNAM arrived at the scene and cordoned off the area and the students were evicted from campus to suspend academic activities.

“The National Autonomous University of Mexico reports the unfortunate death of a student from the Faculty of Medicine, after jumping into the void from one of the campus buildings, in the University City”, the highest house of studies reported this Thursday in a statement.

Authorities of the Faculty of Medicine immediately notified the ministerial authority corresponding, and they have focused on locating the relatives of the student, who was in the second year at that house of studies.

“Once the irreparable event became known, the decision was made at the Faculty to suspend academic activities,” UNAM explained in the statement.

He added that the highest house of studies in the country “remains attentive and busy in the face of the growing rate of cases of people with mental health problems, which in Mexico and the world have worsened since the pandemic.”

It is not the first time that these unfortunate events have occurred at UNAM, since there have previously been cases of students who resort to this for various reasons.

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