These pans are the ones used by great cooks, you will be surprised how cheap they are

After counting them what are the worst pans that we can have in the kitchen, we want to tell you what they are the best pans to cook and also, they will last you a lifetime.

If you thought that best pans that you could have in the kitchen are from teflon, it’s a mistake. Let us remember that Teflon arrived in the kitchen world in 1956 after the Second World War, when Mark Gregoire was able to join polytetrafluoroethylene to aluminum and thus achieve, for the first time in history, a non-stick frying pan. Since then, the use of pans with teflon They became very popular in homes since they made cooking more practical, and especially when washing them.

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In professional kitchens, pans with teflon they do not exist, or are very scarce. The chefs they prefer to use stainless steel pans for everything: whether it’s for fried eggs, searing red meat and then baking it, or roasted chiles for a sauce. The advantages of a stainless steel frying pan It is that when washed it does not scratch, they can be put in the oven, in the dishwasher, it is of rough use, which guarantees that it will really last you a lifetime and they are cheaper than those that have Teflon.

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How to cure such a pan?

So that the food does not adhere, you have to give it a treatment, which you should repeat on a few occasions. The first thing is to heat the stainless steel frying pan over high heat. When the pan is very hot, add two tablespoons of sunflower or corn vegetable oil. This until the smoke point begins, which is when the oil deteriorates and creates a non-stick layer.

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When it is smoking, it is removed from the heat and very carefully, the pan is moved from the sleeve so that the edges are covered with this oil. Let the pan cool, the oil will drip (keep it in a glass jar, do not throw the oil down the sink or in the trash). With these simple steps the pan is ready to use. It is ideal for crashed eggs.

Another skillet alternative

The cast iron skillet It is another good option to cook anything. Surely your mom has your grandmother’s frying pan in her kitchen, they last so long that they turn out to be a great inheritance. The first thing is to soap the entire pan, then rinse with warm water, rub lightly with a green fiber. Dry the pan and leave on the fire until completely dry. When it is dry, cover it with linseed oil inside and out. Then remove the oil with absorbent paper and bake for one hour at 200°C. The pan must be allowed to cool in the oven.

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Remember that this layer of oil that we leave on these pans will act as a natural Teflon, so do not wash them frequently. Simply remove with absorbent paper. Or, sprinkle salt and remove the remains with a soft sponge and water. Return to the fire to add a little oil which must be heated until it reaches a point of smoke and let cool there.

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