Someone has leaked the batteries of the iPhone 14. We have good and bad news

Little by little we go from rumors and speculation to spy photos of components to specific specifications of the iPhone 14 that we should see presented in mid-September. The capacities of the batteries of those iPhone 14 have been leaked in social networks, and be careful because the evolution is not uniform.

The battery of the Pro Max model may have peaked

To better see the change, we are going to place the filtered capacities next to those of the iPhone 13 and thus calculate the difference:

mah generation iphone 13

mah generation iphone 14


iPhone “mini”


iphone standard




iphone standard “max”


iphone pro




iphone promax




There are capacity increases on all successor models (the iPhone 14 mini is not going to exist and we don’t have a “non-Pro Max” iPhone yet), but in the case of the iPhone 14 Pro Max there is a slight decrease in battery mAh. The good part is that they are only 29 mAh, so we should not notice it too much. In addition, it is possible that a greater efficiency of the components helps the autonomy not to decrease or even increase.

Who happens to have the greatest capacity in the iPhone 14 range is that “non-Pro Max” iPhone, with a total of 4,325 mAh. We may be facing a new titan of autonomy, since that iPhone will not have to “endure” the demands of a more powerful chip or more complex cameras.

It's not just the chip: TrendForce thinks it knows the RAM of all iPhone 14 models

Keep in mind that these are leaks, and although such specific figures already smell like something based, we should not take it for granted. Apple never specifies the mAh capacity of its batteries, continuing its tradition of don’t overvalue your specs if not the final sensations of the device in our hands.

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